Challenge #414 (07/01/11) CLOSED

Theme #414 for 7 January 2011 is: Animal Comfort

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 10 January 2011.

have you ever seen creature comforts?

Yes I love it! Here’s a link for those who haven’t seen it.

From the makers of Wallace and Gromit.

Here is my thing :smiley:
i guess for tittle: a busy life of a monkey
description: a monkey in his living room watching TV

haris500, that’s incredible! But how did you get the camera in my house? :slight_smile:

haha, the monkey is obviously watching jeremy kyle.


Title: Me wants a shower

Pure. Blender 2.56, GIMP 2.6


Full ----->
Thumb ----->

How to keep your slug comfortable? Give him a shower!

Happy Blending!


You almost got a Gary the snail thing going on there Robo!

Great job guys. I been so caught up in this CGsociety contest I didn’t even know there was challenge going on this weekend. :frowning:

W&G Feathers McGraw inspired. :yes:
Blender 2.55, Photoshop


@Quandtum: LOL! Gary’s a great character :wink: Though this guy’s design was actually inspired by some claymation slugs in the “Creature Comfort” videos Wallacemarino linked to.

@SpynalTom: LOL! Great render! Love the expression on the comforting penguin’s face.

This is a Pure Blender image.
This is my first entry in a number of years, but I hope to participate more often now that my weekends are free :slight_smile:

I just realized that I named my entry “Creature Comfort” instead of “Animal Comfort”. My apologies.

i dont think ill get one in guys. sorry, I’ve been quite busy

woah nice mouse :stuck_out_tongue:
i forgot to mention that yea i only used blender for the monkey :smiley:

Here’s my unfinished entry.


I started this on Friday night but then got caught up in a friends web design project for the rest of the weekend and didn’t have time to continue it. I thought I’d post it anyway just to show willing.

The hippo was modeled with sculptris so I guess this is an open entry, my intention was to fully texture it with blender procedurals but like I said time got the better of me.

@Robo - lovin the creature comforts slug
@Spynal - there’s something of Aardman animations about those penguins too, nice work.


woahhhhh nice hippo looks like an alligator tho :stuck_out_tongue:

ahh i just wish there was a way to edit your post :frowning: (unless there is and i dont know about it)
ya i ment i only used blender to create my image…

@ harris500 - yes perhaps I overdid the nostrils a bit and that’s why it looks more like an alligator. As long as you are signed in there should be an edit post button next to the reply button under each of your own posts.