Challenge #417 (28/01/11) CLOSED

Theme #417 for 28 January 2011 is: What goes up, must come down

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 31 January 2011.

My first entry, so I’m not really sure if I should classify it as pure or open.
The tetris-blocks are made by; me in blender 2.5 along with the water, but the sky is a texture from if that’s not allowed just delete this post.
I call it “Sunset over the forgotten”.

How does this fit with the theme “What goes up, must come down”?
Well, I was thinking about, that tetris is a game that’s already left it’s good years behind it, and is falling, you know what I mean? Sooner or later everything (and everyone) grows old, unloved and unwanted. It’s kind of hard to explain in english.
Also the blocks are falling, in the image…

i think that’s a pure image, and i like the idea of tetris block falling :slight_smile:

Nice entry linuus! Image textures are definitely allowed, and won’t dilute it’s pure status. Remember, you’ve got all weekend to update it! You can always open a thread in focused critique to get some feedback.

Hi linuus, nice first image…

… the only thing now is, you need to come back every week! :eek:

Hi, I am watching this weekend challenges for a long time bacause I like it but I never participated. Until now :-). Not a good entry image for the first time I think but I hope it will get better in time.


Nice! :slight_smile:
The strings are a little thick though :confused:

@leclerk, i’d like to see a little knot at the end of the string, even if representational… Otherwise very good!

This is my first time putting an entry in, figured why not. Everything is entirely in Blender, with the exception of a bump map that I adjusted with photoshop (and a couple photos used as textures).

Lil’ Sister’s Balloon is the title. I was thinking a childhood memory, hence the slightly washed out colors. I actually never had a sister, but there seems to always be the eternal brother/sister struggles. In little brother’s eyes, if it goes up… it must come down. Hope you like it!

My entry. the main guy is a free rig i found somewhere so i guess this image has to be open.

His name is Jim, made by William Reynish.

could be better, but anyway…


Here’s my entry:
“it goes up, it comes down, it ruins your day :D”

that was a model made for “charachter animation with blender” a tutorial on blender’s website. i forgot who made him though.

Hey everyone, this is my first entry in a weekend challenge. In my house I live with 3 girls and I always get yelled at for this scene, so yeah “what goes up must come down”!!!

I think this is considered pure, I’ve done everything in blender including render, the only outside source is the texture of the floor that I had laying around.


William Reynish, animator from Big Buck Bunny and Sintel.

Here’s my entry. “what goes up…”


Well, I heard this stuff’ll get you up there. Though the trip back down can be rough, sometimes. Just noticed that the graduations on the syringe are backward. Crap. I have to go to work, too. ><

Edit. Fixed the UV. OFF TO WORK!

This is no where NEAR done, but Im putting it up in case I run out of time.

Roller Coaster:

updated: Yes, I lose a lot of the work I did, but I like this angle much better.

Rope Swing

It’s been a lot of hassle and not yielded the vision, so here’s just the last few frames of the rope swing sequence…

Here is my entry:

The Rise and Fall of a False Idol

Pure Blender.


Dangit RobertT. LOL Kindly take me under your wing and teach me what you know LOL

That is Amazing!