Challenge #422 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Overcoming Gravity

Pure Entries

Wow, pudman, your’s awesome!
Voting for anything else would just be stupid :wink:

I agree amazing work pudman.

Pudman did a very good job, but I liked SpynalTom’s pic a bit better. There were some very good entries this week, congratulations to all entries!

I still don’t understand why I can’t make something that interesting.

because your mind is stilll stuck in the box

watch some episodes of the mighty boosh

Winner: cris_2703 with 24% of the votes



Well that was quick

Thank you!!!

Congrats, nice image too, could be on a card or something…

It appears this challenge was very close, with SpynalTom at 7 votes, pudman at 5 and ridix at 6. Excellent challenge!

Congrats cris_2703 on a well deserved win! Very unique and imaginative interpretation of the topic, and nice composition too! Well done.

Hey Pudman ! you are doing a great job , keep it up…

horray for necro