Challenge #424 (01/04/11) CLOSED

Theme #424 for 1 April 2011 is: Reflection

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 4 April 2011.

Okay. I’ll go for it.

Date (01/01/11) is wrong. Isn’t it???

It better not be an April fools joke!

Interesting theme, should get lots of different entries with this one.

I think the theme of reflection should automatically add a couple days onto the contest for the sake of rendering. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that kind of reflection.

Ok, here is mine. I had a good idea on this one and think I came up with something original. I call it, “Looking in the spherical mirror at a checkerboard floor.”

April fools! My real entry is on page 3.

A duality of reflections
This is my entry so far. For the theme it uses blenders reflection capabilities, and character who is self reflecting on something. As I said its just a work in progress so far so dont be to harsh on the idea.


^^ brilliant! Great concept and interpretating of the theme:)

@Sam M
Okay so here is my finalized image
A duality of reflections

I’m liking it Zodiac. It somewhat reminds me of this scene from Advent of the Children, i’ve always planned to do a variation too, nice!

Great work so far everyone! :slight_smile:
Here’s mine -


Haven’t entered in a couple of weeks, here’s what I got.

“Who’s That?”

Edit: fixed some small thing that was really annoying. Won’t have time to do anything more.

Pure Entry.

Thanks Linus. I think your entry’s a bit better, though.


I’ll post one tonight :slight_smile:
Edit: I love yours, Morichalion!

/edit, found some time over the weekend, new image.


Thanks! Oh ya that scene in Advent Children was actually my inspiration for the enviroment.

So here’s mine:
“A place of reflections”

Oh and here’s a high quality one:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

here’s my picture.


Though I am not particularly happy in relation to the texturing of the mirror’s frame, I am not prepared to create a second render of the scene because of the huge render times relating to the extensive use of reflections.


Nice, KeyFinder!