Challenge #426 (15/04/11) CLOSED

Theme #426 for 15 April 2011 is: Challenge

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 18 April 2011.

Heres my entry:D:

@TWS Admin, 16 minutes, not bad, not bad at all…

@HELIX, what do you use that paddle for?

i’m in. this could be fun!

Okay I’m having some trouble with Blender crashing so if I cant fix it by Monday this is my entry.

Ball in a Cup

Oh a little off topic but if someone can help me get LuxRender or YafRay working for Blender 2.5 please PM me it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my entry, textures were done in photoshop.

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum

Ad infinitum

I think it must be a huge challenge for them.

Uploaded with

pure entry.

How To Kill This Bird?

Pure entry

Hope you all like it!

I like it. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine, “Maze”

Represents my latest challenge…:slight_smile:


That’s amazing Helix, i’ve been trying to figure out if it complies to the Jordan curve theorem, now I feel daft because of course it does, I also obviously know which is inside and which is outside, whereas if it was all outlines it may not be so obvious…

Yeah, i’m off to play minesweeper…

So 2.57 is the new first stable release of 2.5!!!

My non-competitive entry:

Overcoming Fear of Loss

Have a good week, everyone!


Is that Peter Pan on the right RT?
Did someone chop off this near characters head?

BTW, very nice! (Still figuring out the possible ways you could have achieved those effects!)

Oh, have fun! :eyebrowlift:

Heres my entry :slight_smile: “Six Cup”

Beer Pong :slight_smile:

Tx :wink:
The Phoenix was actually a leftover :blush: and I found a way to put it in good use here

Thought to give it a try too, even if noticed the thread just today :slight_smile:
so pure entry, “Brute force”

I didn’t like the fieryness (:confused:) of the bird, and the death space on the left.
So here is my final version of “How to kill this Bird?”
Pure entry

I think it might be a little bit too much right now, but i’m hungry.
I’m going to make a sandwich now