Challenge #427 (22/04/11) CLOSED

Theme #427 for 22 April 2011 is: Waiting

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 25 April 2011.

“Waiting for Life”


Hey, am I allowed to make an entry?

Your almost expected to make an NP entry! :eyebrowlift2:

A good commander should never issue orders they themselves wouldn’t do!

I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m new to blender and I thought it would be good training to participate in a weekend challenge. This is my first attempt. It’s called “Waiting For A Swimmer” and it’s a open entry.


I also have a pure entry that I posted later on. I would have posted it here, but I can only put one URL in the comment.

Ahhhh, the so deluded opinions that people have of sharks…yuo know, we taste terrible to them. If we didn’t then almost nobody would survive. also, no Shark would go that close to the beach. Although, I have seen banjo sharks (also known as Port Jackson sharks) fairly close the the beaches, but they are basically glorified Flathead with bigger teath, and less spines.

BTW. Here is my entry. “Waiting to wake you up”

EDIT, it looks terrible when I put it up :frowning:



“Waiting for the sun”


So here’s my non-participating entry, it’s mainly done in photoshop CS4 except for the basic layout which was done in blender.
“Waiting for a meal”

Nice entries so far, and welcome to Blender Artists Matthias, I like your image!

Thank you linuus.

Please ignore my last image for this challenge. I did not realize what a pure image was. I made the people before the challenge started, so I made this new image that is actually pure.

New Image

A bit of tom and Jerry there eh?
Well, done, personally I can’t model anything organic, so I think I will stick to clocks and letterboxes…

Here’s my entry. Pure. I call it "Waiting… for the inevitable.

sorry for the dodgy quality, but enjoy!

SUPER EDIT: updated the image. Did what the two posts below me asked for. :yes:

Sam M, you really should add some motion blur on the pendulum things, would really make the image better!

Hmmm, more detail on the conveyor, e.g. some rollers… More light too!

Great expressions, but what about some sweat drops?

Here’s what I got so far.

Probably not going to have time to set up anything new on it…

“Last Few Minutes”

Edit: Textures from
Otherwise Pure. No further post-production work.

Time to arrival.

Hint: check out the bottom-most entry.


here’s a pic from a small test animation i’m making.
i decided to use this because this scene has some anticipation (notice the blue light on the ceiling.

Wow, some great entries for this one already. @Morichallon, I felt kinda ashamed to look at yours. :wink:

I had it, but then blender crashed when it went into compositing, so i had to save each layer and use them as images, which didn’t have speed/vector data. :(. Let’s hope I can update it. I’m going away now, away from computers.

@rarebit thanks!