Challenge #429 (06/05/11) CLOSED

Theme #429 for 6 May 2011 is: UFO

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 9 May 2011.

Sure thing! Lets see if anyone can stray away from the obvious :wink:

I’m sure we will be surprised.

just curious, can these be animations?

This topic reminds me of this Blender made animation that I recently saw. Its rather random:

We don’t really do animations for the weekend challenge due to the time it takes to render. But if you wanted to for fun then go for it.

I call it “Unidentified Flying Omnom” (because well…there isn’t many food related words starting with O…)

Have fun guys.

EDIT: Made a new one. I guess I will ask you guys which one is better, and thus the keeper. Again, guys, have fun!

PS: First Weekend challenge in a while for me…

wefyb, i’m pretty sure that will be classed as an open entry because of the background…

I think it’s pure, it the pizza that is the focus in the picture…
Nice motionblur btw

So why wasn’t mine last week?

TBH rarebit, I don’t really know why yours was open. I would have classed it as pure because you did all the modelling and stuff in Blender, and I assume textureing (cloud texture + Voronoi stencil = Nice moss) So I don’t really know why…

Well, you can call it open, I don’t mind. I just had fun sculpting a pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too, backgrounds have always been used…

Watch this space

Whats that?

I think ive seen one before.

Im not sure what there called, but there:-

Usually Full of Orange.

space holder :p.

I need to do this because if not, I ended up doing nothing. BWC is important for my 1 image per week target.


ufo :slight_smile:

Edit: Thanks for the feedback Wefyb, updated the pic according to it.

Sick, doesn’t look quite right for a “real” UFO picture. More blur required…

Well done. (other than that little “realism note” :wink: )

I was thinking, what is in an UFO, and thats an alien of course.
I wanted to make one, but my pc isnt capable of handling it :frowning:
Here is it as shown in blender
I’ll call it a NPE

:eek: Holy smokes batman!

That is some really in depth Weekend challenge you got there! :yes:

this…is a moldy potato chip…in a petri dish…enjoy your lunch.