Challenge #429 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: UFO

Pure Entries

Mine should be in the open category as I mentioned in my post. Oh well.

@brado: Just curious, did you actually do the geometry for the oreo pattern or did you use an image map or something? It looks delicious either way.

I hate typos; I said Open instead of Pure. :frowning: Oh well. Shouldn’t make a difference though.

Anyway, great entries this week. High quality work from all.

@ JO5EF- Wow. Most impressive for 3 days, fairly impressive for 3 weeks. :slight_smile:

@all- wtf? this is the most insane collection of images. I’m fairly sure that if you made a slideshow of this week’s images, and subjugated some poor person into watching it 24/7. it would drive them utterly, stark, raving, mad. I mean this in all kindness and as a complement, I bow to your collective oddity. :stuck_out_tongue:

@deltaray- it has to be mesh, looks clean so i suspect it’s modeled, but could be accomplished easily with displace modifier.

@deltaray - Its a mesh, 192 verts circumference cylinder. Then cut it into a quadrant and mirrored on 2 axis to make a cylinder again. Separate objects were added for the text, triangles, lines and dots. I am sure there is an easier way like 3dementia said, it took some time trying cylinders with different amounts of verts, then adding the extra objects.

@3Dementia Yeah, I looked at my image like 10 minutes after I finished it, and was all like “Where did I BUY it?!”. What was I thinking making flying pizza…

@brado: Impressive. You could probably do it with a image displacement map, but I couldn’t find a high-res version of the Oreo cookie pattern on GIS so I guess you’d have to remake it. Still, deserves some respect. Probably a lot of people thought yours was simpler than it really was. You got my vote.@brado

Or is it green.

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Maybe someone should have done the flying spaghetti monster lulz

Cheers deltaray, I am happy I got a couple of votes on my first post in the challenge. Can’t wait to see what the next topic is. I haven’t had much experience with displacement maps yet, no real success anyway. I seem to start a lot of projects and never finish them so my modeling skills are getting better but my materials, textures and lighting get less attention. Will try some more displacement map tutorials soon.

Sorry about that, watched mars attacks again. Good work peeps. Off to vote.

@concretepants, i liked yours the best! haha.

Winner: JO5EF with 30% of the votes



Congrats. You really had the best concept and execution.