Challenge #430 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: “OH NO! What if that breaks/ tips over/ goes down/ crashes?”

Pure Entries

@ Sam M
Though simple your image was well executed. The only thing that doesn’t seem right is the specular level on the tubes. But maybe that’s just me.

I voted for you QT! As much as the competitiveness in me wanted to vote for myself haha.

Hey Theeth! You posted mine as a PURE entry but i said in my post that it was an OPEN entry. :slight_smile: Just wanted to clarify. I cant take credit for the work i didnt do.

@CharlesWatson: Same thing happened to me and probably others. Don’t worry about it. BTW, having a child myself, I can really appreciate your image. Nice one.

@Deltaray: Thanks! Haha. I used to work in a preschool with 10-15 kids and i babysit a lot so i can relate. Although i have no kids of my own.

it’s funny how the voting thread always has significantly less overall activity than the contest thread

@CharlesWatson: Not always, sometimes people explain why they voted the way they did and who’s images they liked the most.

@delta: i meant like (looking at the trends of the last few contests,) there are usually about half as many views in the voting thread than the entry thread and about 25-50% less comments

@CharlesWatson: I guess it’s actually rather understandable. The actual entries make up roughly half of the comments in the contest thread. Then most of the comments from entry are given when first seeing the entries. That happens for most when the contest thread is still open.
No new entries come in voting thread, and most comments given already in contest thread, so what remains here is mostly voting, and possible extra comments.

It would be interesting to hear more analysis of the entries of course :slight_smile:
(I went this time for rarebit’s one, as felt the stormy atmosphere was well present there, almost missed it thou, as most times I can’t see it for some reason)

In the spirit of helping people improve and what @CharlesWatson was bringing up, I’m going to critique everyone’s work and encourage others to do the same if they desire. All of you put hard work into these images and I think you deserve some feedback to help you along. My comments are by no means “correct”, they are just what I think of course. I used to participate in the IRTC ( and one thing that was nice about that is that most of the images would get at least some feedback.

@brado: I think your image is excellent, definitely one of the best this round. I like how as you look into your image you see more things that you didn’t notice like the motion blur indicating knife juggling. The setting is correct, except maybe the curtain should have been red like it is in show biz, but that might have made the caterpillar disappear into the background.

@CharlesWatson: Great job on the scene. I know you took models from other places, but the idea your setup of the scene is good and I like the camera angle. I assume that you actually made the fluid simulation yourself, which is notable. Maybe giving the table or walls a more interesting texture would have helped.

@Cymoth: Its obvious that you put a lot of work into this one. The bridge itself looks very good for just a weekend. I’m not sure what a baby’s cradle is doing next to a chasm (is that what that is?). You probably could have left that and the birds out of the scene. I guess you’re trying to show more of a story here, like the person in the rocking chair was trying to get to the baby? Its good that you’re thinking about the why of the scene (too many people don’t, I didn’t have time for it in mine), but I think just crossing the bridge is enough.

@HELIX: Nice, I love Pink Floyd. I think it would have been more effective to make the hole in the wall just black though. I’m a bit confused about what is going on inside of it.

@Henryj: This one made me laugh, not because of the ring falling in, but I thought that the toilet seat looks huge and I think more than the ring runs the risk of falling in there. That aside, your textures, modeling and scene are good, although the toilet is probably too reflective, you could have probably put still water in the toilet to add more realism. Plus, there is a good porcelain texture on the site that I’ve used several times.

@incomplete: Decent job done on shattering glass. You probably should have put it on a table or something, a simple background can make all the difference in adding realism and what looks like an attempt at making glass shatter becomes more like a picture of glass actually shattering. Too much detail is lost to the gray background.

@Levisarts: The house model is great. Maybe just putting it on flat land and show a black crack in the earth opening up underneath it would have been more effective. The textures you used and the seed like objects make it all look out of scale I think. I guess you didn’t have time to get back to it after you posted it initially.

@linuus: Good idea. You’re the romantic. :wink: The first thing I’d suggest is that your image seems to have lost quality in uploading. And this is good info for anyone. you should convert your image to JPEG first before uploading. Its obvious that the forum’s image conversion uses lower quality JPEG settings than you otherwise would. I think the limit for the board is 250K image size, so you should play with the JPEG quality settings on saving your image in your favorite image editor (I use Gimp) to get a good balance between looks and size. On small images like people usually post, I think most people could turn their quality up to 90 even to avoid artifacts almost entirely. I definitely wouldn’t go below 75.

@MatthiasSchmitz: Funny and appropriate for the subject. This is another image that could have benefited from having a floor texture, but be careful not to choose one that clashes with the card textures. Something other than gray. To me, a gray background implies that you didn’t set your scene anywhere and its just out in space, which doesn’t make sense. One the fan blades, did you make the blades and motion blur them or is that something else? I recently learned how to do motion blur in Blender. Its not hard and it adds a lot of realism on stuff like prop blades.

@Quandtum: Technically great, but I guess you really have to strech the imagination to understand why a robot would be carrying nuclear waste on a high wire. Some post-apocalyptic circus act? You did an excellent job on the scene though for just a weekend. One problem I have though is that you didn’t convert your image to JPEG or reduce the size in some way, an 800x800 image shouldn’t be 2.7MB, even in PNG format. I resaved it with PNG compression set to 9 and lost no quality, but the image is only 561K, so you can save a considerable amount of space, make your image load much faster, etc. I would recommend converting to JPEG though and setting the quality between 80 and 90. It looks like your image was saved with 16-bit color channels instead of 8-bit color channels. I can’t see the difference. Maybe your settings are just setup that way, something to consider.

@rarebit: Great image. The texture of the row boat looks a bit off. The ridges make it look less like wood I think. The texture of the sails maybe is a bit papery, but its not bad. I’m impressed that you could get so much done in a weekend as far as the modeling goes.

@Sam M: Good idea and the rendering quality looks nice. It looks like you used DOF instead of motion blur. I think it could look better if the ball looked more like it was moving towards the blocks.

@TWS Admin: Good, but what is this edge? A building? An elevator shaft? The hand is not quite finished and looks strange, perhaps just make a closed fist or something and call it a weekend. Every time I think about trying to make a person for my scene for one of these, I chicken out thinking I won’t have enough time. Good you have the courage to try.

@Wefyb: Heh, I don’t have a Playstation, but I hear about this whole debacle from my coworkers. I think you could have included some other element in your scene to bring up the current events, otherwise its just a recreation of the Playstation logo. Maybe just a backdrop image with question marks on it or something.

@xavvo: Excelente Amigo! I love images that imply more to them than is what is really there, like using the sombrero to indicate someone lying in the hammock without showing any part of a person model. The hammock itself is a bit blocky at the bottom, but is fine. I’m wondering how you bunched up the texture like that at the near end. Pretty cool. It looks like its not bunched up on the other end, but that’s hardly noticeable. The cactus is great and you make it all work by fraying the cable to indicate inevitability. The house could use more texture, but is fine for a weekend. I see that it does have some texture, but when shrinking the image to fit in my browser window it gets lost. I think this is the best one this round.

@RobertT: I’m not qualified to critique you. I guess the only thing I can say is that mostly your work is quite abstract and sometimes I can’t make the connection with how it relates. I’m kinda as puzzled about your scene as those question marks are.

Everyone is to be commended for their work here, don’t let voting results get you down, since everyone only has one vote, the results get lopsided. :spin:

thanks for the great critique on everyone delta! the milk on mine actually isnt fluid sim haha. the part that is being poured is a cylinder i mashed up to try to look like milk being poured with a sphere at the end of it to look like a drop. and the milk in the glass is also a sphere that is just molded to look like milk sloshing in a cup haha. i’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve :wink: lol

A most excellent and constructive critique, I should like to encourage you to continue doing so each week if you like. I also agree, but if you should care how I got to where I did; Way back (the old BA forum) I would do jpg files, and upload them to the BA site direct. What I would notice is the display box would resize it to display and in doing so the image would appear pixelated / create blocky spots (unless the viewer went to look at it direct), switching to png essentially fixed that. Then came the day I also wanted thumbnails, that’s when I switched to photobucket and in doing so realized I could take advantage of something more then 600x600 pixels and tried to utilize the full 1000x1000 pixels the contest allows. In all those changes I guess I never looked back and reconsidered what had become habit. So ya, I am incredibly grateful for your critique, perhaps this weekend I can work to correct it :stuck_out_tongue: Again, thanks!

@deltaray: I guess I am :slight_smile:
Anyway, thaks for the tip, I’ve always wondered why the uploaded images look so bad!
And yeah, you should do this every week, great idea to help us improve, which is the point of these contests!! :slight_smile:

This time a fight until the last vote, intresting…

Deltaray, thank you for the comment, in fact i have done another version of the image, eliminating enviroment lights for the hemi (as rarebit adviced me), to save some render time. I have changed the reflection options and added some details to the washing machine, but i had troubles in the compositing (IDmask and stuff).
Thanks for the link.

I have voted for Quandtum in the first day, for the materials/texturing, and the modeling/concept of the robot… But compliments to every one.
Is very stimulating to see everyone ideas and creativity in this little contest… isn’t it?

Too true. Currently,

Deltaray: 7
Quandtum: 6
xavvo: 7


Sam M: 2 :frowning:

Great entries everyone… lots of different views on the subject.

@Deltaray : thanks for all your comments. very interesting and constructive. it would help everyone for the nexts contests. nice from you to take of your time to make the others gaining time (is it understandable ?)
and “bravo” for your breaking link, i couldn’t do it as realist and expressive. we really FEEL the attraction, the force of gravity.
thanks for your advice about images upload, I may have lost quality too.

@everyone : congrats ! lots of entries, lot of diversity, lot of fun, lot of respect for the works of the others. I like the spirit here.
so, keep participating, and KEEP VOTING !!! :slight_smile:

PS : 'scuse my “almost” english …

I 100% agree

lol, need more votes

@Levisarts & @Cymoth, I love your rockface’s, some nice detail there and something i’ve been wanting to focus a project on for a while, well since watching this…

@Cymoth, I take yours as a story of the saying “from the cradle to the grave”, the bridge and the missing slats representing the journey of life, the birds I see as the vulturous troll types you have to endure through life, but then again I did read most of Carlos Castandas books…

JPEG is a lossy format, it will change and get worse every time it is saved :eek:, to try to counteract that a little you can up the DPI. Personally i’ve only used PNG images for years since it is a lossless format. Not that I upload to BA much but I thought it could handle PNG? But after reading some recent advertising articles i’ve been thinking of switching to OpenEXR for it’s 32 bit capabilities, currently I use it only if i’m going to the compositor.
*** See method 2 here.

@Deltaray, yes I focused on modelling this week, then got tied up trying to get the wake and splash working. Personally I like the basic sail texture (not the curvy creases), aren’t canvas and thick paper similar in properties? If i’d had time I would have spent it on doing more of the troll skin but I didn’t even have chance to get the other troll on the galleon, but if I had the tender would have been a totally different angle and close enough to be the main focus, so the planking wouldn’t have mattered, just the impression of the chine would have done, but that’s why I re-made the galleon hull on Saturday.

TBH, I don’t generally try for a fully finished image, more rather I try new things and develop specific ideas, then in the last hour or so throw it together (hence only a final image). Also most of the stuff I do are props for a couple of my personal projects.