Challenge #431 (20/05/11) CLOSED

Theme #431 for 20 May 2011 is: Old Technology

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 23 May 2011.

Oh yeah! My favorite!


Looks like a good topic…

hopefully I will have time

Here is my image. It is pure except for the image on the TV.

As I am a n00b, I have a dumb question. It’s against the rules to find someone else to help, correct? Example, find another n00b and share the .blend files? I don’t know whether I will even try this contest yet…

@N00b@Blender: Welcome and please do participate. Noobs are welcome. This contest will help your skills. I think its ok to ask for critique as long as you do all the work. I’ve done that before. Sharing Blend files would probably mean that you need to make an open entry instead of pure. If you’re talking about just downloading materials, then that should be ok for a pure entry. Good luck.

Thank U, answered my question.

Ok, this is my image. Created entirely in blender. I call it “World’s Bestest Computer”. Didn’t have much time to work on it though…


I actually found some outdated tech, made a 3D model in the timeframe for this contest, got a render shot, and had fun…:smiley: This is pretty basic and I was unable to achieve a more interesting render shot, but I am out of ideas. I will put this up on the “Works in Progress” thread for anyone that has ideas of how to better it. Pure Entry…

Whoops! Need to make mine!

I found the time this week to make an image!!!
i tried to add a motion blur with nodes but failed
onto learning about nodes :slight_smile:

Here’s mine. It’s very simple. Very simple.

Back then it was revolutionary. Now it’s just an old render of an old friend.

Pure Entry.


This is my entry a “minidisc player” (feels like very old technology today).

Pure entry from what I understand the rules to be (modeled everything in blender new, just added alpha to background in textures (my Photoshop skills no better than that)).

There are a number of artifacts, etc that I hope will have time to remove. Criticism more than welcome.


Here’s my try for this week:
“The last bug-free laptop” (pure)

Yo know, doesn’t run out of battery, no bugging updates, doesn’t overheat, hardly ever has hard-disk or memory failures…oh the times :slight_smile:

Pure entry. Diffuse, Displacement and Specular Maps done in Mypaint and Gimp.

larger version:

I think i’ll call this done. The scene is getting messier and the sun is shining like crazy on my monitor (that’s why the colors might be off).

/to the park!

…But still susceptible to dropping. :stuck_out_tongue:

i haven’t played with this character i made for AGES!
so enjoy:).

Do you ever find some of the weirdest stuff when searching for reference images for these competitions? Like groups of people that dedicate their time to photographing rusty mailboxes? There is something on the net for everyone I guess. Last week, when I searching for elevator pictures, I came across a story of a woman who fell down an elevator shaft by being stupid.

Here’s My Entry - Old Phone


Wish I had some more time to play with compositing and textures but overall pretty happy with it.