Challenge #432 (27/05/11) CLOSED

Theme #432 for 27 May 2011 is: Frozen

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 30 May 2011.

just want be sure if my blend is pure or open. i believe it is pure, the only thing not made new in blender would be texture images?

and wish me luck this is my first weekend contest ever =)

Hehehe. Can’t wait.

It’s Pure. And Good Luck!

So first time submitting a render for anything. Only had today to start and finish it as I’m busy all weekend! Very pleased with my results though.

Title: FabTastic
Image: Pure

Hope thats done correctly


I’m impressed Joycey, the sticks curve faceting detracts though… Oh and your thumbnail isn’t really a thumbnail size!!!

@rarebit yeah I missed the blooming easiest thing didn’t I, the stupid curves on the stick. Oh well… can’t be perfect with my first image can I :wink:

Looking forward to seeing what others come up with, the topic is nicely open to interpretation. You submitting?

@pjoyce07: Nice one. My daughter and I were just sitting here eating popcicles and then we saw your image and thought it funny. Did you use a hair emitter for the sprinkles?

Yesterday I was watching one of the Harry Potter films when I noticed that, conveniently for this challenge, dementors suck the warmth out of objects around them. I’ll call this one “Frozen Flame.”

heres one i made.
i used makehuman to make the character.

haha, hope the popcicles were good. yeah I used the hair particle system and got some weight painting on the mesh to keep them mainly to the chocolately bit. I tried a second particle system to add frost over the red/white areas but couldnt make it look half decent and felt it detracted away from the image… i mean who wants a lolly covered in dust lol

I like the image, great modelling on the stand. How’d you do that? I watched that Harry Potter the other day, I even though about doing the frozen train window and bottle of water. Glad someone did a dementor based image haha

I have no idea what ‘makehuman’ is or does, but I like your image

As the name suggests, it makes humans. Fairly good looking ones as well. Good resource to have if you don’t have the time to model a full human.

Yep. I am using it to try to make better looking characters.

At first I modeled the metal strips going directly from the top to the base without any twisting. Then I added a simple deform modifier and set it to twist. I used a deform factor of 5.

Right, I’ll get me coat.

It is open entry as got two trees from Yorik’s blender green house, and materials from the blender material repository

Couldn’t figure out how to get particle system(fluid) to lay snow on other objects :(.


Sneak peak/ Placeholder!
Pure Entry didnt get that much time but I hope everyone Likes it :wink:

Here’s my entry :smiley:

Title: Cold Life

Pure Blender 2.57b


Full —>
Thumb —>

Good to be back in the WC this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the other entries.