Challenge #432 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Frozen

Pure Entries

How do you set it up so that your image is pictured below your name? Like Robo3DGuy and Sanne

In your post you provide a “thumb” version of your image; simple a smaller version that will fit in the post. (I think)

Fantastic images everyone. Very difficult to vote.

Yeah I tried a thumb version but it didn’t appear, only a link to it.

Like your image Sam M, would look very nice as a wallpaper on a screen.

Lots of great images by everyone in fact

My entry didn’t end up in the open category, but it still is. :wink:

wow very good job everyone. i didnt really know what to expect since this was my first time. ill really have to step it up lol. i even had a hard time voting for myself ;D

Oops, bumped into something then…

Oh I voted for Sanne for using the new Cycles renderer (also a good challenging image), i’ll get around to it soon…

Sanne, beautifull. Saw that, and I was out the door.

Winner: Sanne with 47% of the votes



Here is my critique for this week. Again, these are only my opinions.

@abbey_normal (YCEE): Not bad. Good modelling and texturing of the cup and shield. Thanks for including the YCEE machine in the background and stack of cups. Having a full scene helps a lot I think. Your slushie substance is pretty good. At least to me it looks like slushie. Try scaling down your table texture. I think its either too big or its not repeating, so its very pixelated and that takes away from a good scene. Also, i think you could simply add some adds on the walls or something to brighten up the walls a bit. Since you used DOF, you could probably get away with copyrighted imagery as long as its blurred out. Plus it would be something quick and easy to do given the weekend time constraint.

@brent_reel (Alaskan Floaters): A good image. The background image fits and the water looks decent. I kinda can’t tell whether you intended the water to look like broken up ice or not as that’s kinda what it looks like. The biggest criticism I have of your image is that the icebergs themselves look like rocks instead of snow. It should be a lot whiter with maybe some bluish tint if the scene is when the sun is low. The subtle sun reflection is nice and implies that the sun is low, but it doesn’t quite match your backdrop, which is distracting. Either the implied sun should be higher and the scene a lot higher. I’ve actually been
to Alaksa so I understand that the lighting there is very different. Your scene actually reminds me of seeing the coastal mountain range from out on the sea 60 miles away and the sun hitting it through the clouds (very beautiful).

@Burtie1 (Frozen Heart): Good concept and you did well modeling it. I like the backdrop. I think maybe the ice was too thick or something. Also, what is that green part coming around the back on the left side and the white claws? Is some monster grabbing it?

@Cymoth (A Frozen End): Very nice. I like this one. I think the fog looks fine except that the sideways icicles imply harsher wind, which doesn’t agree with the fog, because the fog looks still. The snow looks pretty good and is convincing. I’m wondering where the light is coming from.

@JO5EF (Every Once in a While Kitty Likes to Go Iceskating on the Small Lake Behind her Manor): When I was in high school, I used to use long descriptive names for some files for my projects in music theory on the computer we all shared. One day, I found a file called “Making fun of people who use long filenames.mus”. The title of your work is a mouthful but its also an eyeful. I really like this. Did you use Yafray or something for it? I’m wondering if you got the graininess by intentionally not finishing the render, which would be awesome. I honestly don’t have much input on this except that maybe the hand positions looks unnatural. Otherwise, all the style seems consistent.

@MatthiasSchmitz (Frozen Flame): Like others said, the candle holder is a cool model, good job. The biggest distraction in your image is that the wax looks more like wood than wax. Try making it white or maybe yellow. Also, a more interesting angle like from below the candle looking up would make it better.

@pjoyce07 (FabTastic (Icecream)): All this needs is some stylish advertising text and you’d have a sale. It looks great. The end of the stick is faceted as someone else mentioned, but I didn’t notice until someone said something. But that tells me that you did a good job of placing your subject. I was also happy to see that you got the grooves on the popcicle part.

@Robo3Dguy (Cold Life): Very cool looking. Render quality is very good. Not sure what it is, some kind of space egg or is this just an abstract? From scene to scene, I think you have a consistent style to your images, which is cool.

@Sam_M (Frozen Desire): I really like the look of the ice in this. I think you were able to find just the right look that makes the heart and the
icicles look cold and brittle. Great job.

@Sanne (Waiting for Spring): So many people trying out new features in beta versions of Blender. I think your image has people really excited about cycles. Really nice image, what else can I say? Alright, maybe the specular highlights look a little confined. Not sure how cycles lets you control it but in looking at pictures of frozen branches online, it looks like the light washes out the detail and doesn’t have as well defined highlights.

@Wefyb (Frozen Cube with lights on it?): This isn’t as bad as you think it is. The cube and glow of cold? around it looks pretty neat, if you could just find the rest of the scene to make it all fit. By the way, a title on your image helps people understand what you were trying to do even if you don’t achieve it.

@TWS_Admin. (Frozen Floating Artifact): I like your setup and choice of lighting. Its dramatic. Since its her left hand, it looks a bit unnaturally
twisted. If it was just twisted counter clockwise about 10 degrees it would be more convincing.

@stauart.t (Snowman): Great image for a weekend. Try making the 3 snow balls more well defined. The bottom two run into each other too much.

Sorry I got short on the last several entries, ran out of time myself.

Thank you all! :slight_smile: