Challenge #433 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Hidden Treasures

Pure Entries

  • ariost3
    This is my entry, hope you like it.

  • Cymoth
    “Squirrel’s treasure”

  • deltaray
    Put the shovel in the trunk and let’s go.

    “Hidden Treasure”

  • JO5EF
    Anton Always Wondered What Would Be Behind that Ugly Gray Wall

  • Keenan B.
    Golden treasure inside is hid.

  • Larrotino
    not so hidden treasure

  • linuus

  • MatthiasSchmitz
    “Cereal Surprise.”

  • Sam M
    Blender’s Hidden Treasure - Literally

  • stuart.t

  • TWS Admin.
    So… What’s In The Box Ms. Cobalt?
    Non-Participating Entries

  • RobertT
    Treasures Imperceptible

  • Sanne
    Sometimes little treasures are found hidden in the ordinary, overlooked often.

Buuuuump… … … Good luck everyone!

Great entries everyone, good luck!

Your image was good but in my opinion the roots (or at least what appears to be roots) makes the scene a little too crowded.
@Robert T
That is an extremely interesting image, and perfect as always.

Just because I know how much effort Cymoth must have put in, he gets my vote, also a three way tie is better than a two way tie…

Heeheeheeeeeee… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree. It was a hard choice, but my vote went to Cymoth too. I’ve tried to do similar before and failed miserably.

Nice work all!

@ rarebit & HELIX : Thanks :slight_smile:

After some thought, my vote goes to you HELIX. Like the abstract, symbolic design in it :slight_smile: I wonder how you did the stem surface, is it some kind of textured displace modifier, or modeled geometry?

Also, nice video, and the fur in it, rarebit. Must have taken a while to render the animation? (that squirrel of mine, I think that one image took around half an hour or so…)

Darn. My best and I haven’t got a pity vote at least. :).
Ah well. At least I’ve got something beautiful to look at :yes::smiley:

@Cymoth, it used the strand renderer and buffered shadows so about one and a half minutes per frame. Basically there was no weekend challenge once and I got the whole thing done in a long weekend. I keep meaning to go back and finish it (his lip!), but the BG was rendered in alpha so I could update in compositor at a later date.

@Helix, I feel guilty for not voting for you after getting you to try that tweak and it spending all night rendering… Hehheheheheehheheheeheheheheheheheee…

@ALL, every single entry was worth consideration, the standard was really high this week, you should all have a big grin like this :smiley:

@deltaray, Nice balanced composition. Materials on the knife and key needed work but other than that, great job. The good composition makes all the difference (and makes it one of my favorites.)

@HELIX, The idea is beast and the flower model looks good from what I can see. I also like how you’re not afraid to mash up your mesh to achieve a unique effect. (in this case, the thorny wire stuff) I’ve noticed a lot of this in your recent work.

Cheers all, and hope to compete again soon :slight_smile:

yay, this was a good week. i had a hard time deciding between linuus and cymoth. really good work!

and sorry, but i can’t help but notice that i should stick to modeling cute girls cause male models won’t get me any votes :slight_smile:

@Robo3Dguy: Thanks for the compliment. It means a lot coming from you because I think your images are always internally consistent.

Oh yeah? Well ive got to stop modeling cute female characters or I start getting attracted to them myself:o :smiley:

Wow… (I would have ended this post at that but the thing needs at least ten characters)

Yeah I know. Weird. But it will pass…hopefully.

@rarebit, I should have known! I thought I heard a snicker when you said “trust me”…

@Robo, thanks for the comment! And hope to see another Robo render pretty soon too!

@Cymoth, thanks. And to answer your question, it’s just a high poly cylinder and I selected random verts and scaled them up a bit. The thorns I did one at a time. Really simple :slight_smile:

Winner: Cymoth with 22% of the votes



Whee :slight_smile:
Thanks for everyone. It was rather tight competition, got lucky this time. :slight_smile:

Congrats, Cymoth, nice image and lovely interpretation of the theme. :slight_smile: