Challenge #434 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Opposites

Pure Entries

Sorry chaps but its all over.

with a 100% yeah.

Great entries everyone.

Is that your new lady friend rebogey? Nicesh! Like 'em old(er) do ya?

Woke in cold sweats not remembering what i’d done, and then why the bright colours… so: Opposites2

Eh what???

Ah well. So… Who wants to disrupt my robots working process? :smiley:

I did class my image as open…oh, well. Shouldn’t matter.

Stunning images everyone, solid entries by all!

missmajor get’s my vote, totally the best entry!

I recon she’s younger than me. Definitely wearing better anyway.

here’s the link for the ref map that I used. Old tech. See I do think about you all, even if I dont allways have a go.


Some how I missed Krisnack’s pic until now. Very nice. I was seriously considering a similar pic for the Frozen challange.
But, if I hadent been going for the fame and fortune, I would probably have voted for Helix this week as the most artistic interpretation.

Thank you so much linuus :smiley:

When will voting close?

It usually closes around midnight gmt thursday, depending when theeth has time to sort it.

Bogey you mean! Hahah nice entries this weekend all.

Thanks Bogey, you got my vote.

You can keep the fame and fortune, I have better things to do…I just saw an add that said I could meet 50 or more singles in my area! I’m off :slight_smile:

Nice work everyone!

No votes for me yet :frowning:

Don’t feel too bad. I haven’t got one yet either :(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

how did you do that nice render? =]

I dont know. I just tried pressing all the other buttons this time.

Or, If you look in the submision thread I discribe most of the developement. The modeling is basically a bezier curve to form one lobe. Then duplicated round, and filled the gaps. Converted to a mesh and used the screw modifier to extrude and twist. A bit of maths to get them to match. Then unwraped them and applied a concrete texture for the bump. The end caps have a very simple concentric circle paturn tex map for the bump made from a “v” mesh with array and screw modifier set to just revolve, not extrude. The shafts were similar. Extruded curves for the bosses, then converted to meshes to extrude out the rest of the shaft. A couple of loops to position the splines, and then individuall face extrude and scaleing. Got the bolts from the factory. And then a lot of trial and error while I learnt some more about nodes. The flakes were a last miniut idea, again just extruded curves converted to mesh, and pulled about with a lattice. Bunged on the choclate from the jaffa cake, but dident have time to improve it. The way I had the nodes set, if I improved the look of the left one, the right one became reflective. That was when I ran out of time. After deciding the position of the reflction map very early on I dident alter it again. The ground plain I added later blocks the refection from the red arrow hence the differance in colours. Just added an extra emision mesh near the front, behind the camera to brighten it up a bit. I had tried to get the shafts lighter, but there are two diferent meshes in each shaft, one uv texture mapped, the other with procidurals. With my poor node set up, by the time I had matched the colours and added the iridesence? it had dulled them down.
Only had time for I think it was about 800 passes on the last render before the deadline, so the relection on the ground plane and where the screw threads meet is still a bit noisy…
Da Da.
Hope that helps.

ps, Mostly Cycles.

pps. I forgot the small booleans next to the bolt holes. Tried the standard modifier, and also the recent carve build, but couldent spot any differance in the solution or another way in that build to use carve. Ihey dident take a lot of cleaning in any case.

Winner: rebogey with 46% of the votes



Congratulations Bogey! You killed that one:)

Good grief, that makes a change. Thanks for all the votes. I will send theeth the brief for this weekend. I think it should suit most peoples style and interests.
Cheers Bogey.