Challenge #435 (17/06/11) CLOSED

Theme #435 for 17 June 2011 is: Transmission

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 20 June 2011.

Oh yeah…

Does that mean you wont be entering the competition A-------A
to design the new pylons.

Non participating space boulder.

And, thers more. Continuing on from last weeks theme here some more mood music.

philastines ping

when if that gets to exiting for you , allthough you ought to here it durig a meteor shower

What ever you do dont me mention the ----------A

Ive just read that , and I havent a clue what I was on about.

Lets see those entries. You can do it, you know you can, free cake, free jaffa cakes.

Got off to a slow start. Busy celebrating my victory.

Anyway, still needs a lot of work, but this where we are at the moment.
Added a few more details. For some reason it appear darker after posting it to the net. I dont know if photobucket has altered the brightness, or what. More tweeks. Got the Stainless Still a bit more like and
coloured in the logo. Still got the small control panel to finish an the chrome tops to the valves need sorting, if I can figure out how to do it. Manyana. Mixed in a small amount of emit to show the botton text again. Bit more work on the panel. Now to finish the valves, and see if I can get the crakle paint not so carpet like.

EET / Electronic Emo Transmitter.

here is a higher res.

Non participating Open. Used gimp on a few of textures when I got stuck.

I’m gonna enter I just need to think of a subject using stuff other than Cobalt.

Here’s the cue to my inspiration this week:

i love Ian music, transmission is one of my favourite!
you have my vote only for the ispiration :smiley: :smiley:

I wanted to post a video of Ian dancing because it’s almost on par with Helix’s… But they do him no justice and he’s a legend, so… Here’s the title track of the movie (really moves me this song!)

and the classic…

Also RIP John Peel!

Car transmissions look too difficult to make, so I have this.

Transmission of Viruses Through Blood

OK, I think i’ve got a good deal wiith the wasps. But it took some negotiating or watever its called in wasp language.
There still pissed after the dimise of thier comrade and seek compensation.

this is mine.
“Spirit Transfer”
It’s very pure, all Blender but some after render editing and textures in Photoshop. No re-used meshes, just a lot of time.

Taken from

Transmission trans·mis·sion (trans-mish-uhn): noun. a system of shafts, gears, torque converters, etc.

After reading this, this is what I came up with :slight_smile:

Title: The creation of 4d4m

i was ispired by two images:

  • “creazione di Adamo” is a famous part of a Michelangelo’s fresco. link

  • and for the robotic hands style i have taken fron a katsushiro hotomo’s manga “Memories”, but in internet there aren’t image of that specific image…

i have lost half time trying to rig the hands whit very bad results, so at the end i use the parent system.
At the begining the image was colorful, but playing with the compositing i discover casualy the b/w result. Also the blue halo is a compositor inexperience :slight_smile: i was trying to insert motion blur for the particle, but only the blur effect is moving…

Beginner’s luck :smiley:

Title: Car Transmission

I googled “transmission” and looked at the images for inspiration.

its not completely perfect. i just started it this morning.

here’s mine:

end transmision

[the image inserter isn’t working for me :stuck_out_tongue: ]

EDIT: 100% pure :wink:

Here’s my 100% pure entry, “neurotransmission”


Here’s mine for this week.

“Where do you belong?” (pure)

Pure blender, and internal renderer. Used the Gears plugin tho to get started with the gears. One lonely cogwheel looking it’s place in a huge transmission system :slight_smile:

@Helix, that is amazing. How did you get the light to look like it is coming from inside the object?

Thank you! The lights are just verts with halo placed in front of the mesh. You could probably use nodes to get a better result, but this way was quick and easy/

I thought you’d used translucency…