Challenge #436 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The dream of flight

Pure Entries

Non-Participating Entries

@ Robert T
That is simply amazing. Terrific work as always

Best concept for the challenge (except for Robert’s of course).

Mine was supposed to be NP (Non Participating), so…

I could seriously give a vote to every entry, i’m leaning towards missmajor because I know how much effort goes into stitching those wings (and knowing how much time and effort was devoted elsewhere this weekend too), but i’m going to have another look later.

But TBH Helix’s hippys are on my desktop at the moment, mainly because they bring a smile and there’s something about rebogey’s twig too!

@rarebit, yes, its quite colour co’ordinated isent it.

@Keenan B. Seconded. RT back to his usuall form.

Mine should be Open btw. I must have not made it clear enough. Could probably done the same with blender sculpt, and certainly done a better job unwrapping the mesh. Hence the odd seam showing. But as a free stand alone app its very usefull, until we get dynamic tessalation. Import and export work perfectly aswell.

Helix, loved the link, supprised you dident supply one for “Catch the pidgon” .Wasent it Muttly who pioneered that flight model.

Good work from every one. Great mountains from BlenderKiddy, is that using the same method ive been reading about in one of the cycles threads.
MatthiasSchmitz I coud see that having trouble reaching take off speed.
Looks like missmajor could fly away with it this week.

Off to vote.

I’m votiong for HELIX, great image!

im not sure what methode you refere to but its based on blenderguru’s nature academy snowy mountain tutorial with some tweaking.

Here you are. Ive couldent remember which thread it was in but remembered it had been moved to finished projects.

Hmm interesting. Haven’t seen this thread yet. I already tried to do the the mountains in cycles but I’m not yet completely into cycles node system.

@HELIX: W00t! Nice use of landscape resolution and awesome hippo model!

@Bogey: An exceptional render with (imho) the best interpretation of the topic. Rock on :RocknRoll:

Close race now! It’s so exciting :slight_smile:

Thanks linuus :slight_smile:

Thanks too Robo…Been practicing the modeling quiet a bit lately, so I’m glad it shows. Good tip on the resolution last week too, only I need to start attaching differently or something so the image isn’t so grossly undersized.

Winner: HELIX with 30% of the votes



Congrats Helix, never in the field of human democracy has one vote counted so much, but in the end it was up to RT. Pick a good one as im sure you will.

You see wat it is, I cannt be doing with cominig equal last, etc,etc, but I dont know what its like for other people. Then with my sneakily remaining vote, I could have come equal first, second, or first. What a dilema.
So to clarify

wannabe hippos

other inspirational stuff turned up this weekend.

check the catalogues.

ps I also nearly did a chick.

Strange turn on the voting caught me by surprise. Wouldn’t have expected if the panel had gotten their way…

Thanks Bogey :slight_smile: , and I’m glad you didn’t do a chick.

Nice work all! That could have gone to anyone. I’ll try and pick a topic that’s open for interpretation.