Challenge #437 (01/07/11) CLOSED

Theme #437 for 1 July 2011 is: Strange Creature

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 4 July 2011.

I didn’t actually have any time this weekend, but since I put in a placeholder, I figured I’d post a critter from my current W.I.P. ( open entry of course )

I’m entering

Okay, for me to work on something.

Good topic, i’m going to do self portrait!

hmm ill see what i can do :smiley:

Placeholder. Hopefully I can brew something up.

Sweet, I couldn’t have hoped for a better theme, I just started working on one.

btw: First Post :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see so much interest in the theme. I can’t wait to see all your creatures :slight_smile:

And welcome Harold Maude! Always good to see new participants.

Thanks Helix, I’ve been using blender for about 1.5 months, I am now pretty confident in my abilities to model and render.

Aw heck! If I can’t get to my computer soon I wont be able to enter :frowning:

Here’s my non participating entry, “Monkeysteerfrogapus” (surprised look) :slight_smile:

Could have spent more time on materials, but more interested in using this week for some modeling practice. All normal modeling, Blender materials, and texture painting.

Have fun everyone!


This is my first entry in a weekly contest! Sorry if its bad, I’m only 13. This entry is pure. All blender, all of my models and stuff. I took a texture or two from the blender open material repository. His name is crunchy :slight_smile:


Oh, a whatdoyoucallitthing! So that’s what they are!

@Poofo, that’s great, does he double as a comfy chair?

Thanks! He might, just watch out for the horns and fangs.

@Helix: That sure does fit the theme, well done.
@Poofo: Nice work, It looks like one of those “Ugly Doll” Creations.

I made some sort of Cretaceous dinosaur. At first I was going to do a living creature, however the model was too high-poly for me to unwrap it (150,000 faces, result of heavy sub-surfing). So I used a rendering of the model as a displacement map for this fossil. I thought that the first image was missing something so I included a close-up as well.

I hope you enjoy them, thanks!

Title: “Cretaceous Creation”

Done in Blender, rendered in Luxrender, some gimp;)
I always wondered how nature would have evolved in an environment with a lower gravity.


Tys gets the nightmare award so far, you just couldn’t comprehend it in first sight!

@Harold, have a look at baking normal’s. My model is 1M faces, but when rendering it is only 19K faces…

HA!!! finally mine’s coming in!!

anyways here’s my pathetic image. had to speed to get it in. :frowning:

enjoy at your risk :rolleyes:

lol, it’s Bob! Nice.