Challenge #437 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Strange Creature

Pure Entries

Nice entries and creativity, everyone. Thanks to all of you for participating in this friendly event.

Good to see Modron submit an entry too =) Looking forward to seeing that one completed.


Welp! I tried.

“If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you?”

And here’s my late entry. I would have entered in on time, but my internet went down on Sunday evening and I only managed to restore it today. Blame Cisco.

Overall, I did enjoy creating this. The ‘newt’ uses a black and white bitmap which is then used as input in the texture nodes. The ground is a sculpted multirez plane, while the water uses a sub-surfed plane with a displacement modifier tied to a wood texture.


Oh my word -_- Brainf**ked by RobertT’s entry as always. I can’t even begin to workout how it was created… But thanks for the new desktop wallpaper :wink: x

Tys entry makes me think of a Bull Netch from Morrowind… (: x
Great entries altogether :slight_smile: x

@RobertT, you know, i’d like to see a new revision of “Bounce, Tumble and Splash” for 2.6, taught me a whole lot that book, TBH most of it is still relevant but just a different interface (obviously there are some new features too)… But i’d buy a new version for my nephews!

Winner: Tys with 46% of the votes



Well done Tys, I blame you for my wet bed all week! :no:

I’ve just had my horse things likened too the Deadmou5 mouse!

Hahahahaha!!! Didn’t scare me one bit. :smiley:

You must be jakin or seriously brave!

Haha, thanks
I built up a resistance while modelling it
had to split the final image and retouch it tho.
joined it blindly via console.

It was creepy I’ll admit. But I didnt think about it all night or have nightmares.

I didnt even think to myself: CRUD! THAT THING WAS SCARY!!!

In fact I was even mildly fascinated.

Great job Tys! I especially like the teeth, I’d hate to have that thing thing latch on. Yikes :slight_smile: