Challenge #438 (08/07/11) CLOSED

Theme #438 for 8 July 2011 is: What could possibly go wrong?

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 11 July 2011.

Hehehehehe…I’m gonna like this one.

This should be interesting.

My entry!!

yes here’s mine. a very difficult one to render.

What could go wrong

Everything Could Go Wrong

I’ve got an itch!

Duh, suppose theres a reason for rules…

but I wont complain because as Tzu Hsia said: “The inferior man always embellishes his mistakes.”

Attachments[email protected]/5918856025/in/photostream/lightbox/ this is mine mine

i had an idea, but i dont have time to create it, so heres my idea (open entry of an idea???)
a stick of dynamite, that is lit, on a little island, with oil spilled all around it!..muahahahahaha What could go wrong???

Well here comes my 2 cents for the week :slight_smile:

“Of course I can do it!” (pure)

I used the “bolt factory”-plugin for those screws. Then had two renders, first one’s result I used as a bit map for the instruction sheet.

Heehe been there

thanks for the critique on mine. I don’t plan on redoing the render though (not that interested in the product) However, could I resubmit an image after it is critiqued in here after i posted it if the challenge is still open?

Havent really had a good idea this week again, been trying to get my head round compiling.
But, Im gona tell you a story. True.
So the landlord decideds to replace the ageing inificient boilers in the building.
Succsessfully strips the old one out and installs the new one.
One last job. Drain down the cold water header tank in the loft.
So he lifts the loft hatch, gets half way through the opening, and comes flying back down.
Chased by a swarm of angry wasps.
Had to call in pest control.
Go figure.
There goes me free jaffa cakes.
Great entries everyone, good luck.

“What could happen?”

Great topic, wish I had more time to spend on it this week.

Nice work everyone!


My non-competitive entry:

Best. Day. Ever.


RT gets my nightmare of the week award, just for reminding me that God might like a game of billiards one day! Blue ball in the centre hole!

@ All others: Great job everyone, I think that they are all cool

Just a quick render my friend and I put together.

My part of the idea was “Heart Burn”, What would happen if you ate a meal that big? I think the gun is awesome so we put it in there.

Hope you like it.