Challenge #438 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: What could possibly go wrong?

Pure Entries

Great entries by all! Particularly liked Robert T’s.

It’s going to be difficult to vote…

That’s a nice cheese holder you have there, CG-Predator. Nice modelling, clean and all.
I’m still trying to figure out, if you did this on purpose…

Wow, rarely do you see such domination, congrats Predator. The way the voting has gone reassures me that people are being honest, and not just voting for themselves.

Did what on purpose, Tys?

…modelling a non functional mouse trap.

I see :slight_smile:
Yes,…on purpose… I am aware of how a “fanctional” mouse trap looks like.
With all do respect, Tys, its not a "fanctionality"challenge.

Take care

That was not an accusation, I was just wondering. And I really like the idea of a non functioning mouse trap;)
Rodents to the Rise!

Winner: CG-Predator with 75% of the votes