Challenge #445 (26/08/11) CLOSED

Theme #445 for 26 August 2011 is: The Ancient World

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 29 August 2011.

How much matte painting is allowed in this contest anyway?

Oh boy. Hard topic.

Sorry all I didn’t look that far through the previous competitions, I’ll know better next time :yes:

@deltaray: Yes I agree it would be nice to have a list put on a sticky… can we do a poll on it?

a quick entry this week. fairly basic but i quite like what ive got in a small amount of time.

Title: Navigation


Full Size:

100% Pure.

This should be fun…I’m in :slight_smile:

Do I sense apprehension? You aren’t trying to back out are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Vikings! eek, pilliage


Darn, how do you delete images from a post, only want the first one kept as my entry, the second and third can go.

Never mind, fixed thanks Helix

Very nice image Hatchnet! I really like :slight_smile:
Go to edit post, then manage attachments. Hover over the image you want to delete and there should be an “X” to delete it. Only way I know, but if it doesn’t work, Theeth uses the last image posted for the voting thread.

Thanks Helix, that did it.

“World Before this world”

Though there are as much theories about the beginning on life on earth as there are people on it, I integrated this one with a blender cookie tutorial that came out this weekend:
Took “Ancient World” a little further from earth, a little comet just passing the moon with some single-cell organisms about to colonize earth <<< Changed into little colonies, the scaling was way to off for the thingy’s to be single-cellular

Cool image Burtie1, and good tutorial too!

Here’s mine for the week, “Did you here something?”


Nice one Helix.

3 days just to get the inspiration mode on:D nice theme, so far great entries:D keep on modelling:D

Thanks deltaray :slight_smile:

my first try at architecture; quick and dirty.

it’s called 438 BC
pure entry

thumbnail here

i can’t figure aout which film preset i like best in cycles. there are so many and they all give interesting results.

Hi all, here is my humble effort. Needs more work but I am running out of time.

pure entry
Knight at sunset

Were they gods?

pure one.

Super nice entries this week. The quality of the weekend challenge entries keeps on improving. Very nice display of technical skills especially on spacetug’s, sajtafari’s, and Josef’s. (imo) Good luck all.