Challenge #447 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Why, look at us, we are learning with Randall!

Pure Entries

Darn, had a blank for this one, on idea what to make of the topic, sorry whoever nominated it.

@Tys, i’d love an explanation…

I’ve added a slight update to my NP entry, i.e. i’ve added ivy, clean forgot…

Yeah, the theme drew blanks for me also. At least I got to create another scene though! :yes:

Tough topic, but just didn’t have time :frowning:

Nice work everyone!

@rarebit, when is the release of the new Pixar animation you’re working on!

@HELIX, I wish, but judging by the Pixar studio ethos I don’t think I could be a hermit any more…

But my little movie, well at this rate ready for release by Christmas 2012 (maybe sooner). But I did get the video camera out for the first time today and film myself pretending to have ants in my pants, and no, not a chance i’m uploading it!

I may even start a WIP soon…

Winner: Burtie1 with 60% of the votes