Challenge #45 Entries (11/04/03) CLOSED

Theme #45 for 11 April 2003 is: Transportation

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 14 April 2003.

sounds like a good topic, and i’ve got holidays so i’ll probably put in a decent entry (as opposed to my last couple which were purposely pathetic, at least that’s what im saying :smiley: )
Definitely something futuristic coming…

OOOH! Good topic. I’ll see if I can squeeze one in this weekend.


I’ll try to make something for this contest…

Definitely something futuristic coming…

I have something, a little bit old fashioned in mind…

<EDIT> O.k. here is my entry for this contest…

It’s a nice BALOON… :wink:

For a larger version of the image, click on the thumbnail…

Everything is made with Blender…

I hope you like it…



Cool. I’m in on this one.


Here it is!


It’s a teleporter, sort of a sequel to my ‘alien technology’ entry. Pure, of course :wink:

P.S. You might have to push refresh to view the thumbnail…

Count me in, i’ve been waiting for an excuse to do something like this! :smiley:

The Robot Rickshaw - the vehicle of choice for discerning customers everywhere. (91k)

Comes with shiny robot.

I’m in on this one.
not realy ontopic, as I aspected alot of beautyfull vehicules would be posted.
just a pretty picture.
I call it:" a lot of traffic on greeble planet this morning"
btw, its a pure blender render with a little help from the modified tessalation script from jms :smiley:

Within the first week of testing, a system of trapeze, suspended high above the city was decided to be a very bad idea for general public transportation.

and the black and white thing is a guy in a cow costume. looked better before the motion blur :wink:

All Blender, except for the buildings in the background, which were blatantly stolen from a web site, much to my shame.
All things considered, a very lazy entry :smiley:

This is my second entry into the WC…EVER!!!
This entry is OPEN.
This is my very first attempt at using Yafray, so hopefully the next entry will look a bit better.
Don’t forget to comment.

PS: Vote4Me!!!

ok, its done. i just started it last night, so i was reeeeeaaaalllly rushed for today.

this is so off the wall wacky/funny, a very non-conventional transportation device. :slight_smile:
(this is soooooo not going in my gallery)

MrNeil - Pandora


I forgot about the WC, and in this case, I really could have entered!!! NO!!!

mrneil, why does the propane tank have TWO things attached to it?
otherwise, a pretty interesting entry. :wink:

oh hell if I know…


MrNeil - Pandora