Challenge #452 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Firefighters

Pure Entries

few participants this week eh?

lol voted for you tws…

Oh I came so close…

Oh well maybe next time :smiley:

You’re jumping the turret, it’s not over yet…


Good point…:smiley:


Good point…:smiley:

Here is my critique for this round:

@HELIX - Nice play on the theme, you have to be careful though with puns and plays on words in an international community though due to language issues. From using google translate, I found that in many languages the word for fighter is different from the word used to say firefighter, so the joke wouldn’t be as well understood by non-native speakers. Great modeling and I like the colors. Maybe putting them in a boxing ring would give the image more impact and make it more obvious. Just having red and blue boxing ring ropes and a floor with a black background could accomplish that I think.

@Highlander_93 - An interesting idea, although I was lost as to what I was looking at when I first saw this. A one time viewing may be all you get out of most people for any image, so you have to be high impact. I think if you had used fireengine red instead of the blue it would have been more effective because people would see the connection better.

@TWS_Admin - Use less reflections. The reflections do create a neat effect, but I think it makes the viewer lose focus on your main subject, which is the turret. If you had white walls with maybe some blue somewhere, it would have made the water more obvious.

self critique - I think I did good on the fire hydrant and grass. My big flaw is the wall and I know that. I only spent about 5 minutes because it was the last thing I did and I needed to get my daughter to bed. I had initially tried some brick textures, but didn’t like how fake they looked in the scene. The grooves in the wall grout might seem like an attempt at realism but are actually a mistake because I applied the subsurface modifier after an array modifier. It took a while to figure out how to make the caps grips indented. I ended up making an object that was the inverse of the indent and using a boolean, which worked, but seemed like the long way around.

You know, as I was making my image, I realized that its an interesting coincidence that Firefighting was chosen off of the WC #451 as in Fahrenheit 451, the temperature at which books burn. :wink:

Winner: deltaray with 37% of the votes