Challenge #458 (25/11/11) CLOSED

Theme #458 for 25 November 2011 is: Extinct

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 28 November 2011.

Funnily enough I started reading this book last night…

And here is the title story in pdf format (no responsibility for use, etc)

Interesting short story about the cover up of an extinction… but the question of how or why was never touched…

No entries? :frowning:

My Entry: Alien Extinction

Pure Blender except for resizing in Photoshop. It’s been a fun little weekend blender motivational project. :slight_smile:

“To bad diagenesis doesn’t work that way”

background is a scene i’ve made a long time ago and the fishes had texture is made in GIMP.
Also to bad that there aren’t much entry’s this time

Dino the dinosaur

Fred Flintstones best friend is not forgotten.

entry is pure