Challenge #461 (16/12/11) CLOSED

Theme #461 for 16 December 2011 is: Bubbles

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 19 December 2011.

how nice the theme is so soon:D btw. i luv bubbles:D

My Entry:


bubble boy in spike land

Bubble bath


locnar, set your ground material to ‘trashad’ ( transparent shadow )

Ok where is trashad located? I am pretty happy with how it came out though.

go to materials, and click the little arrow where it says ‘shadow’. that will give you some options, one of which is ‘recieve transparent shadows’. click that.

my entry

nice 1:D

Hey locnar, I agree with Modron, set transparent shadows and also, I think your faces are showing, you should probably set smooth on the objects

Place holder.

When you were a child, did you blow bubbles…
Enjoy :smiley:

thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Just no time to change it though.

Bubble of Consciousness

“Dreaming of Summer”
Mainly Cycles and Blender compositor, and a bit BI. Background is an HDRI.

Edit: image host gone, reupload

Extreme Bubbles

[IMG] By bigmanjoe at 2011-12-19[/IMG]

This is my pure entry called “Worlds”. It was made with the blender 2.61 cycles.

Here is my noncompeting entry:

Bubble Universes