Challenge #462 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Mech

Pure Entries

How come this is still open for voting?

because it isnt the next week yet. Its only the next weekend ;D, beautiful robert T, every time i see your works, i wanna go to your house and force you to teach me blender…im sure i would be ten times better if i did…O.o

Since it’s an unofficial entry, I’m unofficially voting for Robert T.

I guess you guys didn’t notice this thread was posted in december last year.

There was an announcement sometime back about BA moving to a new web server or something similar to that. I remember some users complained about threads they made being lost. If you look, you’ll also notice there is no announcement of the weekend challenge #463, but there is a voting thread for that challenge. Since users post their works to the announcement thread and it’s gone, where did users post their artwork? To me it’s just a bit of lost data, and really no big deal, just some gremlins playing around…


Ah ok. I was just wondering if a winner was announced. No problem what so ever, just curious. :wink: