Challenge #473 (09/03/12) CLOSED

Theme #473 for 9 March 2012 is: Sky Ship

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 12 March 2012.

great topic, placeholder in case I get time on sunday.

Open-Ship model not new, but slightly modified and textured. Parts of Building not new.
My first try in the weekend challenge :slight_smile:


Here is my picture. I started with just a vague idea and the rest just evolved along as I went (luckily I had nothing else to do on sunday).

Couple of the textures and text done in photoshop.


Reminds me a bit of a movie I saw.

Placeholder post, about to get started.


Ok here is my first ever weekend challenge post!
Hope everyone likes it, as my gf said its a sausage attached to a well :smiley:

I pray that at least one of you actually understands what i’m looking for here


Couldn’t get the lighting right… oh well. Blender Pure

A science project? :smiley: