Challenge #474 (16/03/12) CLOSED

Theme #474 for 16 March 2012 is: Next Generation

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 19 March 2012.

Next Generation Inspired. I did this from memory. I used GIMP to add motion blur since this basic feature has not been implemented yet in blender cycles.

You can do it in the compositor, also can add another scene and get that to use BI, then bring that in in nodes (for masks say).

thanks, I did not know… now I do… hmmm… I may or may not “purify” it.

i hope this is open to interpretation and not star trek

My entry for the week. Next Generation Gaming.

External Link for high rez version

Next Generation IPhone

Full size (Please link to this one in voting)

Rendered with BI. Huzzah!

Next Gen Mobile Phone with Holographic Display and Keyboard. Added the text with Gimp.