Challenge #476 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Impossible Machine

Pure Entries

  • abbey_normal
    Perpetual Motion Machine

  • deltaray
    Hold on, I think I got this one.

  • Jeepster
    worked on the background some more

  • Modron
    " Yellow Wand with Interesting Lighting "

  • Spender70
    Impossible machine. This is my wife.

Hooray for abbey_normal!

I also voted for abbey normal, allthough spender70 was good too. in case people are confused about the entries this week, what happened, is, it was monday afternoon, and no one had submitted an entry yet, so we were kind of goofing around. fortunately a couple of real entries came along at the last minute. it is also a reference to a now legendary post by developer ‘intrr’ called ‘yellow cube with interesting lighting’.

Thanks for the info. I admit I was a bit confused about some of the entries.

Glad I got mine in. I almost forgot to post it which is why it was so late.


Winner: abbey_normal with 76% of the votes