Challenge #479 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Space Program

Pure Entries

  • chokeamancer
    Behold! Cycles invaders

  • Cymoth
    “Stairway to Heaven”

  • revolt_randy
    North Korean Space Program.

everyone must have been out enjoying the sun. cool entries this week though.

I voted for Cymoth due to effort, and suitability. But chokemancer deserves a compliment for giving the topic a nice twist. Brought back memories.

I think Cymoth has the best image in realistic terms but revolt_randy is more relatable and funny.
revolt_randy +1

I ran out of time. I get a chunk of the project done on Friday, so if it doesn’t post until Saturday, I usually can’t get it finished in time. Weird schedule. :eyebrowlift:

Randy’s pic gave me the gigglez. Honorable mention.

Thanks for the kind words everybody :slight_smile:
I guess mine goes for choekamancer for fun interpretation of the topic (Plus for me liking the game few ages ago :stuck_out_tongue: ) tho revolt_randy’s one is fun too.

Pity there wasn’t more entries this time, I thought the topic was quite interesting, tho it might have been bit narrow if one’s not into high tech. :slight_smile:

I’d’ve entered, but this was a bad weekend.

It was an interesting topic. I was thinking of doing SpaceShipOne, but I got distracted. Attention span is getting really short.

Just want to thank everyone for the comments & votes!!! Even though there were only 3 entries, they were quite diverse, which is always nice!!


Winner: Cymoth with 57% of the votes



Thanks for everybody, it was a nice round :slight_smile: