Challenge # 482 ( unofficial ) closed

The theme for this weeks challenge is: Ghost Ship
( drawn from an earlier challenge since voting has not yet taken place for last weeks competition due to technical difficulties )
Entries due on Monday, May 14, yackitty yackitty yack.

I may not have time this weekend, to do much, but this has given me some inspiration…

(delete as appropriate)
Martin I hope you get well / released / free-time soon :wink:

Well, you tempted me to have a go this week.

I do hope everythings allright.

Um how much longer is left on this? just today!??? ah shizz

awesome derelict, rebogey.

Thanks Modron, its a bit of a self portrait.

Seeing as there is but one entry, I don’t suppose there is much point in voting, so, I declare rebogey the winner of the unofficial Weekend Challenge. Congratulations, rebogey.

MIA (Where’s Buzz?)
Blender Pure. First time creating my own UV textures.

ETA - Background image with moon is (obviously) an external image.

Sorry about that, my computer isnt top notch, so its still rendering the final image T~

I used cycles for all of it, and cycles turned out to take too long with my machine (no graphics card), shoulda used blender internal, but thought I could handle cycles. Just forsight, but still, itll get me doin shit right the next time ne?

anyway heres all the textures I had (basically whats in the scene)
Individual boards for the ship,
deck maps
pole (for the posts around the ship)
Pole top (easier to unwrap two simplistic things and texture them than do a complex seam cut, and hours of textureing layers)
ships masts
Officers cabin
captains cabin (both built with singular peices of wood)
Then I cut the ship in half and voila

oh and Water, and Ground textures below it…trust me it all looks nice, but at this rate, I couldnt do 15 samples in less than 2 hours. If i were to go to 2000, I just would never make it in time to put my image in anyway…at least this way Im only late by half a day.
As i said, Shoulda gone with internal. Works better with older machines, and I have more knowledge of it, because its what i first learned on. Im still new to cycles, and should probably play around with it more, before I take something like this on again in it.

I was still going to add smoke, a glowing green pirate ghost, and clouds. Just couldnt figure out how to do it with cycles. Finished the boat in about 9 hours, of carefully placing boards.

I dident expect to win, and especialy by default. I was just having fun with cycles. Trying to get the hang of attributes.
Then I had to quickly relearn particles and composting for the sparks.
Evil Moon Moose, yours look very promising. I would still like to see the render, or have you posted it somewhere else.
Does anyone know what the situation is with theeth.
I will check back on friday, and if we havent heard anything I will suggest another unofficial challange.

Sorry, EvilMoonMoose and AbbeyNormal, I would have extended the deadline, had I known there were other entries coming in, but it was 5 oclock on Monday, and I figured that was that. I have no idea what happened to Theeth. He has disappeared before, but I don’t think for this long.

Here’s what I learnt on Saturday…

I’d have been slaughtered by rebogy anyway, so :wink:

No sign of Theeth yet, so I guess I will host this again. I’ll wait until Tuesday to close submissions this time. Rebogey, you can announce the theme or send it to me.