Challenge #49 Entries (05/16/03) CLOSED

Since theeth is away, I figured I would start the thread for him. Hope that’s OK.

So the topic is “AN INSECT”, as set by Zenitor.

Good luck to all.


Ok, here it is:
This model is all new, materials were fresh or heavily modified. The only texture used was an old environment map. So this is a pure entry.
This creature was based on the various mechanical bugs spread through out sci-fi, the chief inspiration being a creation of the Dune universe, I believe they’re called hunter-seekers. They’re tools for royal assassination.


I haven’t had much time to do this - it takes ages from when I make it to when it gets on the web, because I have to email my dad’s friend the picture and bla-de-bla. But anyway, the link to the pic will be This is a pure entry - I just did it this morning from scratch.

Well, I figured I’d give it a shot.
Rather new at blender, and did this in a couple of hours

Bugs in the System

I know there’s tons of room for improvement on it, and maybe I’ll get to some before monday.

The first thing I suggest is smoothing.

Okay: A spider is really an arachnid, not an insect, but I figured she was close enough. :wink: Besides, spiders generally aren’t the size of the average lorry either…

Pure Blender
Click for full image.

-Iain, who recommends viewing the full picture with a grey or black background – not white

Placeholder: Should try something.


This is my effort for this weekend’s challenge. Click the thumbnail for a larger version.


Hand made textures using PS5, rest is pure Blender.


I was making this for a friends 2 year old and realized it also fit this week’s topic.
All procedural textures, 100% Blender.

For full size TGA go to:


An insect. Kind of a cross between a beetle and and ant and something else.
Pure entry. Everything made and textured in Blender, except for the images used for the ground.

here’s my centipede in all it’s glory!

new version pics:

some other pics:
a desktop pic:

pics with old head:

100% pure blender (and nasty compost juice!)

Two insects for the price of one. One is like a stick insect.
Pure, i think, though i concatenated the three images in PS. Created all models from scratch…

(or html with black bg:

My first real blend. Yay.


Can someone please tell me when will this challenge close cause i nearly finish myine and i am worry :stuck_out_tongue:


today :smiley: in like 5 hour I think (not sure)

powderbug. (from the “Naked Lunch” by Cronenberg)


(open new browser then copy paste the link to it)

i will update, just incase if i am too late to enter the chellange…just incase…feal better* :smiley:

My entry. Pure blender


Obviously I have serious trouble with the brightness of my monitor, here is a brighter version.

special thanks to BgDM for starting the contest thread :slight_smile:


No problem. Glad to help. If you need it again in the future, just let me know.