Challenge #499 (07/09/12) CLOSED

Theme #499 for 7 September 2012 is: Time Travel

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 10 September 2012.

How many little red phone boxes are we going to get then

I shouldve put the caption of (No TARDIS’s) in there. :smiley:

yellow tardis with interesting lighting ( from a previous WC )
(edit) this isn’t my entry btw.

hey do you think that next challenge should be something special … ? come on, it is 500th, there must be some money price :smiley:

Ooo, I may be in… (not for the money!)


Hi, I’m new at Blender. My entry is pure and its title is “Through a Wormhole”.

Here’s my try

Kaneda’s Theme


It’s traveled from sometime in the past, don’t know exactly how long, but it did stop for repairs in 1998. From the looks of it, it will make it farther into the future than I will.

Here is my entry : weapons collector time traveler. I choose weapons instead of other thing,at example clothes, becouse they are easy to model…pure entry rendered in blender internal.



88 miles per hour!!


A Most Excellent Adventure

Here is my non-competitive entry:

The Time Traveler’s Watch


Time Travel

heh…sounds like my kind of thing!

An old one…but hey! I’m non-competing. :smiley:

Again, non=competitive entry

Enjoy! :smiley: