Challenge #499.1 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Glass

Pure Entries

  • Hatchnet

“Trapped in a wineglass”


  • Cymoth

“glass angel”


  • Quandtum

“The Queen’s Ransom”


  • Krisnack

“Bitter Wine”


  • chokeamancer


  • revolt_randy

“An epic battle of glass warriors”


Non-Participating Entries

  • jeffiek


First post, first vote :slight_smile:


Just a quickie since I did something else for most the weekend before restarting with this…

Finally a WC, and a quality one at that! Everyone did such a nice job…

@Quantum, good to see you in the mix, been a while…I love the etching!

@Cymoth, would like to be able to see the angel a little better, but even so, very cool image!

Thanks, Helix. I agree, the “angel” is bit hard to see, but when was tweaking it, I kind of started to like the effect that after watching the image a moment, started to really figure out the actual angel in it. Might have made it bit too hard to see tehre tho, tweaked it slightly more vissible later (after the deadline) :slight_smile:

Had to go for Hatchnet since it captures how I feel at the moment, oh and also it brings us closer to an exciting tie breaker…

Winner Quandtum, with 37.50% of the votes!


@3dementia: You do a fine job filling in for Theeth.

Thanks man, I’m trying to keep it true to his style. Hopefully we hear from him soon.