Challenge #499.4 (30/11/12) Entries CLOSED

Theme #499.4 for 30 November 2012 is: Lego

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 3 December 2012.

YAY!!!im in!

made entirely in blender
rendered in cycles at 1000 samples

This is awesome! The weekly challenge section is probably one of my favorite places so far!

Here’s my take on Lego, rendered in BI.

The deer model in my render is based off a LEGO creation by(if the webpage is accurate) David Cole. I don’t really know if this is eligible for the challenge, but if not, I always liked sharing!


cgraphical: Haha, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen made with Legos. Great work.

Here’s mine for this week.
Pure blender, with slight color-blance tuning in gimp.

“…and I will reach the sky!”

Indigestion - BI


Raising the Flag


And just for fun, the color version before any post:

It was interesting rigging the little minifigs.

Lego Stampede.

Here’s my entry!

The Washing of Aphrodite.

Pure, rendered in Cycles.

Whoa, some good ideas, and executions too!

Here’s mine, “lego my lego’s”

Could use some weight paint, and a lot of other stuff:)


Here’s my entry

Wow great entries this weekend. Well done everyone.


Render in cycles.