Challenge #499.7 (21/12/12) Entries CLOSED

Theme #499.7 for 21 December 2012 is: Focus

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 9pm EST, Monday 24 December 2012.

Focus? What the heck does that mean?

what do you want it to mean? :wink:

some times you cant see the forest through the trees and some times you cant see the trees because their out of focus

pure nothing but blender rendered in cycles

I want it to mean that I have the perfect idea, the perfect skill set, and the perfect execution to create a masterpiece.

Something tells me that’s not what it means :frowning:

Hmm…what to do…

No idea what focus means but here is my entry.

Here’s my non participating entry, “Focus”…100% pure, BI rendered.



Alas, this model doesn’t have one. 100% BI

@HELIX: Whoa! Very nice. Have you been taking lessons from RobertT? :wink:

@jeffiek: Nice modeling job. Maybe turn up the anti aliasing a notch? It looks a bit jagged around the corners.

Hardly worthy, but thanks!

Would be nice to see a RT entry though!!! It’s been a while…

I’ll be in here soon. Just gotta wake up and finish yesterdays progress before 9 PM EST.

It’s the compositor. I used a pass index to replace a black background with a white one. A real white background gave nasty reflections.

It could have been largely solved by higher resolution, filter of the object index, and then down scaling to final size.

Title: “Bolt in Focus”
Rendered in Blender Internal. I spent part of the weekend hunting down this type of bolt for a crib at hardware stores, nobody had it (special made from the factory).

It been a while since I had time to make an entry so its good to be back.

So are last orders at 2am GMT Christmas Day?

Something I started yesterday, still very far from my original concept was to go…

Inb4 contest close.

Open entry.
Enjoy! :smiley: