Challenge #499 Voting CLOSED

At this rate I think everyone will stop checking by the time he gets around to posting the challenge and there will be 0 participants. Seriously Theeth, don’t worry about making it great, just get on with it so that the weekend challenge tradition survives. Round numbers are overrated anyways.

I don’t know about you, but I ain’t gettin’ any younger.

@jeffiek Jinx, er sorta something like that.

what about an unoficial 499.5?

hmm sounds good. maybe we could ask an admin to post one?cus this is taking WAYYYYY to long. i mean here are some ideas
Make a movie
make a render incorporating all the major films of 2012
do some architectural desgin render
explain the theory of relativiy in a render (?)

i mean, in all honesty, did like theeth die or sumthing?
plez theeth come on i know ur out there :wink:

Something to keep you occupied.

Found gold! Good likeness too :wink: Not sure his personal shopper advised him well with that jumper though…

I think we need to post the challenge like normal this weekend. I for one have been missing the weekly submissions here. Theeth must be wrapped up in something big, til he comes back we could carry on in his absence. We can tag the challenge “unofficial” or 499.1. LOL

I PM’ed Jeffiek for the challenge subject and copied Theeth.

ton called on him to work on the new add-on that creates fully textured models from brain waves. it’s nearly in it’s final stages as we speak. it will revolutionize 3D modelling as we presently understand it.

Right, I heard about that on IRC. Looks like Blender’s edit mode is a thing of the past. What I heard is that it will also render 50 billion+ polygons on a 386 processor in real time.

I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.

Actually, it will use the idle time of most of the world’s brains that are connected to Facebook to render high quality animations in cycles.

What can I say? This would be EPIC!!! With a feature like this, I could be awesome in space!!!

Go theeth!!!

@3dementia: if jeffiek gave you a topic that isn’t the same as the one for the 500th WC, go ahead and start WC 499.1 and you got my support.


In for a penny, in for a pound :wink:

You don’t suppose that mad bastards escaped again and done for teeth like what I thought the first time.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’m definitely getting withdrawal symptoms just not thinking about it.

anybody know what the first WC was? we could use that as the unofficial.

I think what it is. Nobody is willing and able to steep into theeth’s shoes. If we are going to continue with which will from hence forth be known as theeth’s Weekend Challange. Just give us a subject.

ps, I vote ether Rarebit or @HELIX to take over, as long standing members; give theeth a break.

we could do it, but since it is #500, I think it’s best to wait for theeth. he said he had special plans for it.

I’m not eager to be part of a mutiny, so I don’t think we should commandeer the WC. But I share 3dementia’s sentiment about missing everyone’s submissions, so I think we should do something…

@3dementia, your idea about tagging the challenge 499.1 etc. was good! Are you volunteering???

@Modron, you did a good job the last time, so maybe you want the gig???

I support anyone who wants to do it, as long as it isn’t me :smiley:

Guys, I am going to do it this week. We will just share the responsibility until Theeth returns.