Challenge #5 Entries (14 June 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Theme #5 for 14 June 2002 is: In the depths… something stirs.
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 17 June 2002.

The rules have been updated with the extra things listed in last week’s entry thread. This mainly covers the use of copy-paste hosts, [img][/img] tags, thumbnails and placeholder entries. Something new is the option for people using copy-paste hosts to have thumbnails (conditions apply :wink: ). Also added is a web form to help make correctly formatted entry messages - it can be found here.

As usual, the current rules can be found here:

Also as usual, Good Luck Everyone!

(bogbean) #2

Hey ho… I know I’m not allowed to have an entry this time, but I thought I’d just do this for a laugh.

Open It didn’t take very long - 'cos I cheated lots. I got the fish model and texture from the internet a while ago, and got it working in Blender a few weeks back. I also made this before the topic was announced (seeing as I made up the topic title! :smiley: :smiley: ).

Good luck with your real entries people! Do Blender proud!

(darkbyrd) #3

I’m in

<edit>actually probably not. busy weekend, might be getting a job, stuff to fix, shit like that. But good luck to those who do enter, I look forward to see what you come up with!</edit>

(LohnS) #4

Here is my entry for this week. After about 2 days of 20 idea’s running through my head and 2 hours of work i finally made this one a reality. Its pretty much a primative dinosaur like alien, these creatures only known as ‘Sand Hunters’ wait until the common sand storm comes and they use this as camuflaouge (sp?) to keep hidden and attack prey with the suprise element. It took about 10 min of preperation, 45 min of modelling (which was a suprise to me how long it took to make that alien =) and 20 min of compositing the mist, sand etc. --Reccomeneded 32 bit color and resolution 1024/768 or it will look weird–

This is a pure entry made 100% blender and all for this contest, all textures are blender’s inbuilt too except for one texture for the eye and one for the alien’s head.

(BgDM) #5

Here is my entry for this challenge. This is the bottom of a pit or cave and there are some gnome/troll creatures lurking in the caves.

Pure This was done all in Blender with some textures from the web. (copy and paste)


(ectizen) #6

A shark, hunting.

Pure All new, all blender.

Hmm… This one gets a black page - my monitor couldn’t handle the contrast with a white/grey background :o

This is as finished as it’s going to get…

(DreamMaster) #7

Too bad, my internet access went down for some reasons and then my computer crashed. I can no longer access to my comput at all. My parents are currently at vacation and I tried everything to fix it, but it seemed that I made it worse for some reasons so I’m going to let it to have a tiny vacation until my parents get home on Sunday. Hopefully my dad would be able to fix it soon.

Hopefully I can enter next weekend challenge contest since I would miss this one. I seriously planned on entering that one, but my computer decided to play some revenges on me or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a great time with this weekend challenge… can’t wait to see more of yours! 8)

(hannibar) #8

Well here’s mine : a bunch of fishes with holes in their head and orange stuff comming out their head :smiley:


(btw : this pic is pure)

(blengine) #9

whoa hannibar, u werent kiddin, lol… nice, weird, but cool!