Challenge #502 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Collision

Pure Entries

“Meteor Collision”




“At the Speed of Light”


Animated Entries

“Fluid Collision”

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Non-Competing Entries


Not that I object, but are animated entries allowed in general? This is the first time I’ve seen one in the BWC.

I don’t see why not. Reading the rules there is a lot of talk about your “image”, and in general it is a still image competition. I think I submitted an animated entry one week, and Theeth listed it as non-participating.

But I don’t believe in being too stiff about such things. If you want to render an animation, fine by me. Lets see if anyone objects, and if not then we will allow animated entries. I don’t think that you are going to win with such though. anything you animated over a weekend can’t be that great. :slight_smile:

Congrats to everyone :slight_smile: It’s really cool seeing what people can come up with in a few days!

Back when the Internet Raytracing Competition ( was still going, they had an animation category, but it ran on a different timetable, I think it gave 4 months instead of 2, which made sense. Maybe there should be a BWC animation series that gives two weeks instead of just one. Or maybe a month?

Hi 3dementia

Sorry, I forgot to mention that my entry was meant to be non-participating.
I thought that there was some size restrictions on the entries.

As far as allowing animations, I think it would open a can of worms that would
make it harder for people voting to decide; ie. Did the person do all the work,
or did they download the models from BlendSwap, do you judge on how the scene
looks or how well things were animated, etc.

I’m more interested in just improving and trying to meet a deadline, so doesn’t
really matter to me :slight_smile:

Nice entries everyone.

@Gimble, I think your entry is fine and should be part of the voting. I was just thinking that perhaps we should have a seperate series for animations that gives more time to be fair. It would be great to see what animations people cook up for a BWC contest.

Regarding using other models, etc. That’s what open vs. pure entries are all about. If you feel that you use a lot of previous work or other people’s work in your image or animation, then it probably should be an open entry. If you make most of it just for the round, then it should be pure. People can judge accordingly and they do so from what I’ve seen.

Nice work! :slight_smile:

I half remember an animation or two over the times, could have even been 3dementia. I know when I did an animation or two I submitted an actual image along with the video. I believe Theeth used the image as normal and added the link below…

Personally I think all credit due to pulling it off, its certainly a rewarding challenge…

for my 2 cents: While I’d sometimes been about to try to pull an animation on the week-end-challenge, just to see if I could make something decent animated on such short time, I’ve decided not to. Mainly because it is actually pretty hard to vote now already, at least for me, when considering technical aspects, idea, general look, and fitness for the theme. It’s hard enough to try to compare different styles of images, let alone animation and still. (also, being able to do decent animation during week-end is pretty much dependent on how much computing power you have available)

As such I’d rather limit the competing entries to stills, just to keep the entries bit more comparable. Nothing would prevent of course submitting non-competitive animation entries, or competing entry which is still of the animation and attach the animation link there too for “further knowledge” :slight_smile:

I kind of like the animation idea, but not for this comp. I came across a 10 second animation competition somewhere. That’s not a bad idea for say, a 2 week or monthly competition along the same lines as the weekend comp.

Check these out as an example

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep any animated entries as Non-Participating. I see the point, we don’t want to confuse the rules or voters.

A couple of years back a WC hadn’t started by 9PM on Friday, so I started my own project, this is what i’d got by Monday night. I rendered as separate layers always with intention to go back and redo the BG, but i’ve never got back to it. That was on my old Sempron overclocked to 3500, single 64bit processor.

Not that its amazing or anything, but you can achieve a lot in a weekend!

Hah! Very cool. He looks like an Ewok. :slight_smile:

Thanks, he was loosely based on this image by Bobby Chui…

Winner Kaluura, with 45.95% of the votes!