Challenge #503 (1/2/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #503 for 1 February 2013 is: Money

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 9pm EST, Monday 4 February 2013.

What’s the… blend? No contestants?

Who’s the moron who chose such a theme? Oooops! That’s me… :smiley:

I didn’t want to participate but I’ll do something any way. A thread without answer is sad like a coffee without sugar… :wink: (It sound better in French.)

I’ve got a little something in mind, but still busy at the mo… may be a quick late entry… and philosophically its given me an idea about safe futuristic money…

I was just going to demonstrate a protocol from here, but that would be boring I know… Good book though :wink:

hi guys

here`s my pure entry. renderd with cycles (500 samples)

just some euros…

Who’s got a lot of time then, here’s my thing, The toons are pre-made for another project, it was a pain to get any posing as they don’t have armatures yet and they still have mirror modifiers and other stuff, everything else is for the comp, blender internal. Good luck all.

I made a musical entry, does that count

Drying money

pure entry, blender and cycles 500 samples, textures from the web…
What is the english word for the place where they print (legally) money?

RudeDood I made a musical entry, does that count

I guess not, forum rules are talking only about images; probably you can post it as non partecipating entry…

Here is my image, you need only a little fantasy to figure out what is going here…
I hope it’s legal and not disturbing.

Rendered with Blender Render.

Ours is called the Royal Mint, so, a mint, but it does make me think of coins…

And supposedly they don’t either…


Can you twist the title to say be something like, “old cheap second hand instrument”, i’ll buy it anyway :wink:

rain of money
pure - blender render

It’s already monday morning for me but I had the time for a quickie. 24min at 1000 sample but only in 1280x720. 100% Blender+Cycles. (Textures and bump maps made in the GiMP.) At least, I had the pleasure to test the Bullet integration to drop my contraption on its stand. :smiley:

Thank you! Also translator give me same result, but i thought was an error becouse i was thinking of the plant of mint…

I had some time, so i did also a test with BI( my entry is still the previus)

except the overall colors, my principal problem was the defocus…renderetimes: cycles more o less 4 min and BI less than 20 sec :slight_smile:

What I managed in the five minutes spare last night isn’t worth the pixels lit up on the screen, so i’m out :frowning:

So what you’re saying is that it wasn’t even worth a pretty penny?

negative money -

Several Lydian Slaters. The stater was perhaps the earliest coin to be minted. Coinage solidified the wealth of Croesus who became the richest man in Asia Minor (until his ill-fated invasion of Persia).