Challenge #504 Voting Closed

This week’s theme: Crayons

Pure Entries




“B and C”

“If you want something drawn…”
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Open Entries

“My Cousin”

What happened to @sourvinos’s entry? Or wasn’t it an entry?

I took this to mean that it was not to be entered:

I guess it could be interpreted several ways. If paulo wanted it to be included then I apologize.

Solid entries. My only beef with frequenzlos is that I’m pretty sure those are colored pencils :stuck_out_tongue:

Winner frequenzlos, with 52.17% of the votes!


I’m sorry for the late answer,

congratulations to the Winner :cool: and to all the other participants, all images are pretty nice :eyebrowlift: :eyebrowlift:

@3dementia, you understood correctly, it’s all ok to me, I never wanted to enter the contest (not with that image at least)

@chokeamancer, no, they are actually crayons


@ krisnack, I found your image as a very nice idea and well done, if only the track of the drawing had been more realistic, as in the Kaluura’s ‘B and C’ it would been perfect.


Hey, thanks. At the time I rendered it I wasn’t really sure how to make the crayon path more realistic.

Let’s ask to Kaluura… :rolleyes:


Hooo… I had a real fun with this drawing! I used curves to reproduce the movements of my hand with a crayon. With that I used dynamic paint to create a bunch of paintmaps (1024x1024)… of which I kept only the last one which I blurred in the GiMP. I also separated the blue and the orange lines onto 2 images which allowed me to build one material for the whole sheet of paper… Like this:

In the “Shinier” node groups, there is only a Diffuse node, a Gloss node and a Mix node, all parameters exposed. (To save some space.) The bump map of the paper is 2 noises, one stretched vertically, the other one horizontally. You multiply the 2 and that gives you the weft of the paper.

And in the end, this is only noise. :smiley:

Here is the “B” as example.

Great! Very interesting setup, Kaluura, thank you!

I have still to study and try the nodes, yet the result was convincing.


Uh huh, I knew a kid just like that. :wink: