Challenge #506 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Elements

Pure Entries

Sthars stuff


Honda Element


“Precious Elements” (Gold, Silver and Carbon). Pure Cycles render.

… here’s hoping I got this all right, I’ve never made a poll before >.<

@Quandtum you accidentally put #505 in the title instead of #506.

Fixed. Thanks :smiley:

Are you allowed to vote for your self?

It’s your vote to use as you like. Yes, you can vote for yourself.

@Netich This is not Scrabble. You can’t have 3 F’s, 4 S’s, 3 Ar’s, and 2 Th’s. :eyebrowlift:

Nevertheless, a brilliant interpretation of the theme and excellent execution.

Thank you Quandtum for making this week’s contest.:slight_smile:

@Netich Nice work! Being the brother of chemistry frantic, I especially like your interpretation of this week’s theme.

Great, first win in this contest! Thanks for the votes. I’ts nice to have a theme to work on, as usually I end doing simple modelling of objects. Having a goal pushes your creativity to create something new.

I’ll think of a theme for next weekend.

This would be an interesting scrabble, as the most difficult thing of my entry was to form a phrase from the periodic table elements.

Wow. That went right over my head. My hat’s off to you.

Winner Netich, with 65.38% of the votes!


No problem, happy to help keep the tradition alive!