Challenge #507 (03/01/13) CLOSED

Theme #507 for March 1 2013 is: Hug

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 9pm EST, Monday March 4 2013.

not really a good theme for me… but heres my pure entry. rendered with cycles (1000 samples) its just two little figurines. one with a jade like shader and one marble like.

@frequenzios: Nice interpretation and artistic modeling. Thats a hard topic too.

mmm, UV’s look good :wink:

Cycles 400. Okay, the girl was done a few months ago using BI so I had to re-texture her, the dog is new so I guess by the rules of the game, it’s not a pure entry. I’m so rubbish at hair…

Doggy Hug

This is my entry, Hershey’s Hugs. i didn’t use the name on the paper strips cause i wasn’t sure if that was ok. This enrty is pure. Rendered with cycles at 1500 samples. All three textures are from cgtextures. The striped texture was made in photoshop.


I hope I’m not too late, here’s my hug.



Death’s Embrace.
Pure entry:

note: Somebody had to do something like this.

You Can’t Pick Your Relatives


I missed the deadline :frowning:

I’m just finishing up the post, I’ll squeeze you in if you post here quickly.

I’m still late. I’ll post my proposition anyways but because I’m late, I’ll just say I’m late. So.