Challenge #51 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Final Fantasy

Pure Entries

Idgas [list:c2012eda2a]
OK i guess ill try but i never played the game so i have got some research to do.

This is Seymour from FFX.

It’s cloud from FF7. I tried to make it look more realistic rather than cartoony like he looks on the game.

its a moogle head, did not have enough time to finish…

Great theme! I had to do something. Here’s my Edea:

Title: “FF: Snow Escort”
It’s been a while, yet I believe this is how FFIII started - with a long walk through the snowy plain, escorting an unconsious misterious girl in a mech, to come to an edge of the cliff and see a city down below.


Had a tough choice between Crow, Sily and Idgas, but my vote went to Idgas in the end.

Excellent work by all considering anything modeled from the Final Fantasy series should take at least 2 weeks for the modeling alone!!


Damn the vote was 4 for me and 5 for sonix, I was going to even it up but sonix that pic is awsome. I couldn’t with good conscience vote for me :frowning: . Thor your pic is pretty good to. I like the idea he just looked a little to deformed around the lips and nose. So there ya go. Good job everyone. :smiley:

Wow, you said my pic was good! Thanks, it was kind of a rush job, I only just got my web site working.

Wow i was really thinking nobody would enter for that theme. But man, im impressed.

Idgas got my vote though for sheer dead-on humour. Ive been in that situation before…5:30 AM and still playing.

Sonix is getting better i see.

Thor got clouds hair perfect.

I am impressed, great entries!

You’d be amazed how many Final Fantasy fans there are here. I expected more entries…


Oh, and since theeth still has his old avatar, I’ll just post this picture of him, maybe that’ll convince him to stop it as his avatar on our forum (sorry for the off topic guys, I won’t do it again, I promise)

Winner with 37% of the votes: sonixsculpt!



Cheers Theeth, nice to meet you. Close one this week I think.

This weekend’s theme is ‘Monkey’, something Suzanne based.:smiley: