Challenge #514 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Magic

Pure Entries

Open Triad for Magical Inspiration

Nothing is more magic than Blender

Magical Stick




Magic Bum

God of thunder

Magical Montage


magic hat


Non-competing Entries:

Technology or Magic: Clarke’s Third Law

RobertT, I think you have the best picture here, but I can’t see it’s relationship to magic.
filipelopes, nice particle system.
TazDevyl, lol i feel like I’m in some wierd alternate reality.
virakocha, i defintely understood it was a montage even befor looking at the title. You have a magicians hat, a fortune tellers crystal orb,a wizzard’s wand, and a genie’s bottle.
Evenstar, my vote is for you. The hair and lightning orbs are extremely hard to do. I tried to do lightning orbs the first day, but I could get the right transparency.
Nathan.Ferguson, awesome cloud. I would love to see the particle setup for the smoke.

It was actually a very pleasant read, thanks RobertT.

I would vote for RobertT but unless I’m missing something, I don’t see them listed as an option

My vote would have gone to Evenstar but this isn’t about how hard it is to make fur or even the quality of someones artistic abilities. Of all the entries I believe filipelopes captured the subject best.

I too like filipelopes, however do to Evenstar getting every effect I missed my votes is there. (Hair. Mine would have rendered 2 feet behind my Bum. and I have not figured out why. Further, the clothing looks very nice. My bums’ hoodie fell through the scene as I only had the eyes as collision objects.)

So I guess my vote is out of envy?

the filipelopes speaks well about the same topic and the system of particles was very good indeed. my vote is his.

My vote would go to Rober T. if it was a competing entry. I have noticed a propensity for 3D artists to interpret a given theme very literally. I assume this is because the majority of people who get into this work tend to be very technically minded and have no previous artistic training. I wish I could vote for Robert T. because I feel that within the creative disciplines 3D art has always been regarded as something clinical and detached from the free flowing nature of it’s traditional sister disciplines such as painting, sculpture etc. If you are a member of forums the likes of Behance you will notice that there is a strong preference for the naivety and honesty of traditional work and 3D art tends to take a back seat. If you have ever competed in a fine art competition at school or college you would find that the themes are selected based on there polysemic nature (Ideas allowing for multiple interpretations) and from my own experience as a graphic designer I know that a successful solution relies on a good concept as well as good execution. A good concept cannot support itself without good execution and vice versa.

I think it’s time to start encouraging the concept behind our 3D artworks in order to be taken seriously amongst the time-honoured creative disciplines. This is why I felt Robert T’s piece was the best, because I knew when choosing this theme that there were going to be a lot of hats, wands, rabbits and crystal balls. By opting for an abstract interpretation of a given concept Robert places equal emphasis on the idea and execution of his piece.

My vote goes to Filipelopes because although the concept was somewhat ‘safe’ I felt that his piece had the best execution.

I chose this because it shows well the theme is magic, like the other works and good luck to all.

Nice image filipelopes, yeah my enter is little more fantasy and magic together.

It was pretty cool its image also Evenstar, and now it wins best picture.

I knew I should have done a rabbit coming out of a hat.

I should have done a rabbit pooping a hat

The winner is filipelopes with 14 votes! Congrats!

  • Nathan.Ferguson 10 | 27.78%
  • Exanimis 0 | 0%
  • yassd 1 | 2.78%
  • cutmucker 1 | 2.78%
  • rebogey 1 | 2.78%
  • DSnowman8D 0 | 0%
  • Kirk_Wendel 0 | 0%
  • Evenstar 7 | 19.44%
  • virakocha 1 | 2.78%
  • TazDevyl 1 | 2.78%
  • filipelopes 14 | 38.89%
  • macktruck6666 0 | 0%