Challenge #515 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Rust

Pure Entries

Rust Nature



Rosie, the forgotten, rusty robot

Lost Memories

“Must be rusty”

Enos Shenk

Desert junk

“Old Wagon Wheel”


Non-Competing Entries

When Gears Stop Turning

I would just like to pause and sincerely compliment all of this week’s entries for having created … each in their own very unique way … some truly outstanding (not to mention well-executed) artwork. Well done, all. I’m sorry that I can only vote once.

This is where we truly see what the medium of 3D graphics … and Blender … is actually capable of. (It’s not just “bug-eyed creatures doing cute things.”)

Evanstar almost got my vote last week but his entry wasn’t as close to the subject as some of the other entries. This week Evanstar was dead on the subject with his entry and while others may have done fantastic work Evanstars entry wins out and he gets my vote

…Damn, Jeff. Snuck that one in there, very nice.

I had to vote for Taz, something about poor Rosie in a closet.

I have noticed that people come here an vote for photo realism without any consideration for the subject of the competition, that’s a shame. JEFFBLENDER’s entry is called candelabrum and yet it does not hold a single candle, it looks more like the end of a garden wall and seems like it should be made of brick or concrete, not metal. Jeffblender does have more talent than the rest of us but the subject wasn’t plants on a garden wall.

Hey, I am just glad RobertT’s is non-competing. I personally think it matches the theme AND is beautiful! My wife actually said that it would look good hanging in our bedroom, now that is a compliment.

As usual, mine wasn’t a really serious entry. But I did learn a few tricks.
The texture map on the planet is mine, (a first) taken with a new camera that I bought a while ago.
Made the illuminating lamp color orangey red, for more rustness. Couldn’t get the compositor to work as I wanted for the starfield backdrop, so its a BI starfield render mapped to a flat plain with very low power emit cycles material.
Read somewhere that there are plans to redo Blake’s 7 again, so the Liberator “must be rusty” by now. I would think.
Everyone else. Good work. Also as usual.
Off to vote.

Votacao this guy is it?! … The Evanstar did a job I thought great! … Real fuck … and that was painted flower ta winning?!! … Mesh right or ta! has petals petals inside, the mesh ta an invading another look … honestly guys ta … shameful Quantun like to know if you have here in the forum conpeticoes other levels and what they are … to leave this here in penssando brigadao …, hug!

Staff seems my chandelier walked some troubling here is a piece rustica … 1950 … abandoned and overgrown with weeds and rust, does not appear even the candles by which the subject is rust! … And not candles!.

I am confused though. What’s with so much theme whining lately? A couple recent WC’s I’ve looked at and voted in the thread has been filled with bitching over whether X followed the theme or not.

It just seems in rather poor form to fill the threads complaining over niggling little details. WC themes have always been loose, and the threads have always been positive.

Aww, cmon, you don’t like my entry? I could’ve fixed the petals if I wanted to, I just thought they looked nice that way XD. Oh well, maybe should have done a remesh.

I liked yours a lot, actually, I liked them all.

I have only been messing around with blender and 3d modeling for about three months now. Each time I do one of these contests, I end up learning something new, both with what I try to make and what everyone else makes. Up until this contest I had no idea on how to weight paint… Unfortunately I only did the grass, I wanted the trike to have both rust and paint, but never got around to it.

yg3D guy u have talent, but never neglect the details, social networking windows are unimaginable proportions range, maybe sometime someone who has a 3d company also realizes his talent and resolve to hire you, but to be careful that the details are refining their work, their trademark, not relax if your not getting a project ready to be posted here, so take more time and termineo fondly and then post here at Blender artis and all vain like can believe!

my vote was pro Evanstar … fuck got his job! parabens

I apologize, I simply used Jeffblenders image as an example and didn’t mean to sound like I was complaining about his work. Jeffblenders entry is without a doubt, the best entry and his talent is remarkable so again I am sorry if anyone thought that I was singling him out just to complain about the subject matter. What I was trying to say is that most people who come here to vote, vote for the most photo realistic entry, that’s all.

Popped in to see the works. what a fun subject! nice work all.

Edit: RobertT is that render with the new freestyle?

Hi, Kirk. It’s Blender internal (2.66a, procedural textures, toon edge on).


my vote is for yg3D

i think it is an alternative to a realistic render.
I didn’t create a render because I really stink at materials. I hope the next topic is a little easier.

The winner is yg3D with 15 votes! Congrats!

yg3D 15 | 30.61%
Exanimis 1 | 2.04%
Evenstar 6 | 12.24%
TazDevyl 1 | 2.04%
cutmucker 2 | 4.08%
rebogey 0 | 0%
Enos Shenk 9 | 18.37%
Hatchnet 0 | 0%
HELIX 1 | 2.04% 
JEFFBLENDER 14 | 28.57%

Congrats yg3D, well deserved win!