Challenge #516 (05/03/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #516 for May 03 2013 is: Void

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday May 06 2013.

Non-competing entry:


Quick throw down! :stuck_out_tongue:

My entry, for now:


What I learned this week: Particle Systems are picky!

I updated the picture with a better particle system, but the higher sample/resolution image is still rendering. Maybe it will be done by the end of the contest…

I hope to get a void ray from starcraft 2 done in time for the contest. Basic blockout and some retopology done. Going to finish on retopology, skin it, and add some post render affects. Wish me luck.

Cyjax, i love the render. Please share the material and light setup. I have an awesome idea for an intro video.

I decided to give cycles a try, my first attempt at texturing, lighting and rendering in cycles.

My final render


Exanimis, i think there is great potential for this picture and you still have 2 days.
try adding volumetric lighting from a blender internal scene to your cycles scene.
You can find a tutorial here:

Hi, community! Well, my first contest entry on this forum…

Void Crystals
Background nebula drawn from scratch in GIMP, all foreground quickly modelled in Blender.

Does the background image count when determining a Pure/Open entry?

Void of space ,
I again try Blender internal render after long time, and i think its dont look bad :).

Evenstar, why do you have to be soo good.

Macktruck6666, thanks for the suggestion and the link, I’ve spent a few hours with that tutorial and am rendering the result now. My resolution is set to 100% with a sample setting of 400 but my render stills seems fuzzy and pixilated to me, I don’t know how people get such clear renders. I guess my old PC is just too slow for cycles.

I have to agree, Evenstar does have an abundance of talent.

Thank you guys.

Heres my entry. Sorry about the quality but my computers not the best and I have to go to school so the samples were set to 500.

Exanimis, ya clear renders usually take over a thousand passes. Here is a tip to save you some time. If your compositing cycles scenes with other scenes. It’s sometimes good to save the cycles scene as an image and composite using a image node instead of the renderlayer node. This allows you to make quick changes to the Blender Internal scene without having to rerender the cycles scene each time. I always save the cycle renders with the transperency option on so the background is alpha. It allows for more options. Here is a link to an example I did:
The eye is rendered in cycles but the flame took allot of tinkering in Blender Internal. So… I save the cycles render as an image and used it to composite witht he blender internal render.

It’s also possible to composite multiple different renders of a cycles scene to make the image clearer. So… if you only have time to do a couple hundred passes each day, you can combine each render to get an even better render.

Nice work Evenstar.

Here’s my entry.

I wish it could be better but oh well.

Only got a couple minutes on Saturday to work on this, so it ain’t very good. I wish I could have had more time. I was hoping to make the river, beat up the bridge some, and maybe add a character as well as improving everything :wink:
Into the Void

I didn’t expect to have to work today. so i didn’t have time to finsih it. Made entirely inside blender.

graphicblues, i love mincraft art. check out my youtube and deviant art pages. I got some minecraft inspired art on there. Minecraft really breaks the rules with art, so go crazy with it.