Challenge #520 (05/31/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #520 for May 31 2013 is: Night

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday June 03 2013.

Cool. I think we will have some really beautiful renders this competition.

Pure. Cycles.

Meh, not too great. If I have time I may try to update…

only had around 20-30 minutes to work on this, so not the best :wink:

I’m gonna be a rebel and submit an image without a moon. As a matter of fact, half the time the moon isn’t even up at night. Just think about it.

Pure entry, everything in Blender/cycles.


Final edit: Not sure if pure or open…the frog and the cat I’ve had…just used them 'cause they were already rigged. Besides that, everything else was done this weekend.

placeholder: This is from one of my favorite books as a kid.


Goodnight Moon!

I still have the book too. LOL I refuse to let it go.

I actually had Goodnight Moon started, but I gave up. The perspective (or lack of that is) really threw me off. I still read the book…to my 3 year old that is.

Hello BAF people! As i mentioned last week, my goal in participating here is to learn something and aim to at least get a vote.
I learned alot this week despite what my render looks like. I’ll go ahead and place it before i continue the description.

Pure Entry, Scattered Lives in the Night.

At first i wanted to make an entry like other’s of a beautiful night scene. Then i was moved by the news of the Tornados in Oklahoma. If you don’t know, a few days ago a immensely strong tornado plowed through parts of Oklahoma city during the night. It was described as a worst case scenario situation. It was too dark to see the tornado, High speed winds, the tornado hitting the capital, so much rain that it was nearly impossible to see while driving, baseball sized hail tearing up cars, flash floods, lightning… people crashing on the highway blocking the traffic from leaving. Smaller tornadoes arising.

To be 100% honnest. I have no idea what that would be like or how dangerous it was. I just sat with my imagination and felt overwhelmed hearing about people driving into the tornado because they couldnt even see it while trying to drive away from it. I don’t want to go on too long about this but. Overall, i was inspired to attempt to create this image.

What i learned is how to use some of the things like the force field and the vortex settings. They are waay cool. I learned about how many particles my computer can handle (not as much as i wish it could), And learned that i have alot to research on the smoke effects… i couldnt get those to work so what you are seeing is about 10,000 spheres for the tornado x:
I already knew i sucked at making cars.

Okay wrapping up;
Really i feel bad submitting the image in this condition, but i think with the deadline fast approaching, this is what i’m going to come up with.
I hope it atleast makes someone think a little, or imagine a little. About anything really.

lol doesn’t everybody still have goodnight moon however old they are?

My first submission on this forum : ) i like it

Pure entry, rendered in cycles


That is one scary ghost, Evivivi! Also, no moon. I might have to vote for you. :wink:


Was that little lens flare hard to do? :slight_smile: that really added alot to the already amazing picture :slight_smile:

@Slifer_aru Welcome to the forums and the contest.

My entry not really Pure. Kind of an extension on a previous project and some photoshop tricks.

@deltaray ; Thankyou , been using blender for about a month and a half-ish now after sketchup for two years :slight_smile:
@Razc ; not really. :o

My entry:

My quick entry:

pure, cycles, with a lot of help from