Challenge #530 Entries CLOSED

Since there is no theme at this time, I will draw from a previous W C topic:
the topic is: Ghost Ship
Entries due Tuesday since it’s late getting off the ground. Good Luck Everyone!
(edit) I would suggest that for next weeks topic, the winner of both last weeks competition and this weeks competition each choose a topic, and contestants can choose to do whichever of the two they prefer.
(edit) ghost spaceships encouraged.

Thanks Modron, for setting this up. Two topics next time sounds good to me.
Have fun everyone :slight_smile:

Err. Here’ one I didn’t do earlier.


now with blend](

unfortunatly this is all I had time to do. Now with the horizontal option. Probably needs safety glass in the middle bit, if you want to put drinks on it. Self draining. One extra hole on either side if you are a snooker god, marked with the extra peg. I haven’t up dated the blend.
The good news is we should be able to make loads of them, with whats missing.

Enter my blend if you like into the challenge, or not. Whatever. Its a blend.

here’s my entry…non competing since I am hosting this week…i call it “spooky ghost spaceship”

all aboard

My entry…ghost boat:

Got it literally, pure entry.

edit: Rebogey i don’t get if your is a render or photo :confused:…and what about the .blend linked?

Here is my (pure) entry for this weeks contest: Pac Moon

Looking at the entries so far, ghosts do not seem to need paddels :slight_smile:

If that’s by rules i have one in my doodles, so…If not, just ignore.
Blender/Gimp and first exposure to the public.

Space theme unfortunately had been there already…

Hi mik1190. Think of it just as a place holder for now. The ship is as far as I have got with my latest kit model ship, and the thing its on is a part finished snooker score board. The blend is the design for the score board. I have been trying to make one with the materials and tools I had to hand, and this was the simplest I could think of. The central area could be used for a chalk board for various things, or just photos etc.
Now; the weekend challenge. Well, I have had some ideas. Weather I will get it finished or not is anybody’s guess.

Mario Ghost Ship.

Pure entry,
For better resolution:

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